Shapes are felt everywhere, it forms our concrete buildings, the back of our spines, our walks and so on. Shapes create movement and depth and it conveys the audience’s mood and emotion. In design, it symbolizes different ideas which then let creatives flip those into concepts.

For an extensive list of references, you may browse through our collection of shapes available for download down below. We also got you covered with deeper insights on shapes and how you can use them for future design projects and references.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to see our collection of Photoshop shapes that you can easily download and use!

Photoshop Arrow Shapes

Photoshop Black Vector Shapes

Photoshop Banner Shapes


Photoshop Ribbon Shapes


The Meaning of Shapes

Just like the body language, shapes of objects do depict a certain attitude, personality, and character. It also leaves the audience feeling the emotion of these shapes. Scroll down a bit below to gain insight on the different shapes and the meaning that it comes along.

Triad of Shapes

  • Geometric. We have to recognize the different geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, triangles and so on. Geometric shapes are usually lines that link with one another. These shapes suggest symmetry, structure, and stability. In most designs, geometric shapes are filled with a spectrum of colors and are portrayed as a modern design element. If you want more examples, you may browse through our list of circular custom shapes.
  • Organic or natural lines. Organic lines are free flowing and less symmetrical than the two other shapes in this list. It is comforting to see organic lines or shapes since it is used to depict natural elements, has more curves and is uneven. The irregularity of organic lines and shapes are commonly seen in photographs and illustrations.
  • Abstract. Abstract shapes have no true definition and are simplified versions of a thing, person, place etc. One great example of abstract shapes is stick figure drawings since they depict a person.

 Photoshop Wood Shield Shapes

Photoshop Heart Shapes


Photoshop Snowflake Shapes

Photoshop Flower Shapes


Samples of Photoshop Shapes

For a use of natural elements, you may use the Photoshop Arrow Shapes and Photoshop Wood Shield Shapes. They are wooden cutouts that can be used for hanging tags and craft & jewelry projects, respectively.

If you are looking for more rhythm in your banners, the Photoshop Ribbon Shapes comes along with seven different shapes and style as well as color coordinated color scheme.

A hand-drawn design evokes emotions and a fluid motion. The Photoshop Heart Shapes has nine varying heart designs from watercolor textures and brushed up designs. It also comes with dominantly organic shapes.

You can also use the Photoshop Badge Shapes. They come in a sticker form with a strong set of colors.

If you are looking for a broader collection of shapes that features military shapes to social networking shapes. The Photoshop Custom Shapes just check off everything on your list. Don’t fret, all the designs can be downloaded from the website.

To feel the Christmas spirit, you may use the Photoshop Snowflake Shapes. The shapes are unique and beautiful, just perfect for the winter season.

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