A lot of thought is involved in evaluating the pros and cons of a business that is viewed as a brand. One would be surprised to notice the fact that the brand color has the most important influence than any other elements of your business. If you get it right, the confidence of the public is enhanced.

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This fiery red color shows love, passion danger and at the same time attention grabbing. This color is popular in the case of food outlets, cars, Technology along with agriculture. In any area where one needs to have immediate attention, one can use this color and will get the desired results.


It is a representation of wisdom, passion, spirituality or magic. It is popular among industries such as Healthcare, finance or technology. It is also a preferred color of hotels and restaurants as well as the fashion industry.


It is a symbol of trust, smartness, security and responsible. It is mostly in case of customer oriented industries where interaction with the common masses happens on a day to day basis. It is the favorite color of people as it depicts nature and sky. It also signifies loyalty to a large extent. One also tends to consider responsibility and creativity with this color.


This color is mostly used by environmental friendly organizations as well as someone who is looking to opt the green route. It connotes a peaceful nature and is popular among Food and technology related industries. It is also the color of growth and a new beginning. For startup industries, it is the best color. Those industries who are yet in growing stage also love to go for this color as it symbolizes progress.


Yellow is a symbol of warmth as well as energy. It also denotes a feeling of positivity as well as creativity. Most of the technology driven companies have adopted it as part of their set up. It is the color between Orange and green in the visible light. In the Asian context, particularly in China, it is the symbol of happiness. Yellow also displays the prosperity, and hence, many fashion industry outlets love to go for this color.


This color represents innovation and youthfulness. It is popular among technology and health driven industries. Especially for the youth orange personifies popularity. It is also much popular among the customer Service industries.


It is popular among Clothing, technology and cars. When you come across the color black, it is a symbol of prestige and sophistication. For this reason, it is quite obvious that you will see the color black with aristocratic and higher strata of the society.


It works out to be a pale color that derives its name from the same. It is the color associated with Beauty and charm. It was first used as a color name in the first part of the 19th century. It displays innocence and love and hence majority used for kids items.


It is similar to purple in a lot of ways. When you compare history violet is a symbol of majesty. In certain parts of Europe violet is the color that people tend to associate with individualism.


It is a dark shed of red that denotes high intelligence, risk, and even danger. Companies associated with such industries as ammunition, arms, fire extinguishers and risky materials go for this color. Many of the chemical companies also prefer to go for this shade and color.

The choice of color can be done after viewing some factors. It associates the industry as well as products with the color and tries to provide an idea to the viewer about the concerned products.

To conclude, all this may look tame to the naked eye, but people relate color to certain characteristics. Say, for example, white or blue color is related to stability and green attracts those who love money and peace. So you need to decide what is the most likable color for your business, and the image of your business is enhanced from the marketing point of view.

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