If you are into photography, you may use photography logos for promotional or commercial purposes. It is difficult to dig up new ideas when you think of photography logos. Innovation is the real master when it comes to new ideas, and you would be glad to incorporate these logos for personalized purposes. Here are fifteen free logo designs for photography. You can edit the text and download them for free.

Camera Girl Photography Logo

This is a funny cartoon-type picture of a girl with a camera, held close to the nose. The light background color of the logo complements the image and brand name. You may also see Cool Logo Designs.

Abstract Photography Logo Design

You can be really innovative with abstract logo designing ideas. Here, the shape of a camera has been incorporated in the word ‘moon’, the brand name of the business. You may also see Best Logo Designs.

Female Purple Photography Logo

This logo incorporated a theme based on creative photography. It includes the image of a female figure and the wings of a bird. The dark background color and thin white lines are compatible with the dark background color. You may also see Logo Designs.

Fully Editable Photography Logo

The central visual element in this theme is a camera. It is placed in a reddish-brown hue and beautiful vintage fonts have been used to write the brand name in the logo.

Nature Photography Logo

Nature photography logos generally have a green element in them. Here, the logo has a beautifully designed, light background. The sleek fonts look sophisticated and attractive.

Professional Photography Logo

This is an editable logo and includes the image of a camera. The black and white color contrast is really striking and you can write the desired words in the logo.

Modern Photography Logo

If you want a logo that markets your services fast, simply download this one. It has a gray background color and the features are written in the template with the thin black font.

Vintage Photography Logo

Vintage logo designs are quite in demand these days. In this logo, the image of an old-fashioned movie recorder has been used. The gray and black combination makes the logo look even older.

Rainbow Art Photography

Floral patterns have been incorporated in a rainbow to create a good visual effect. The image of a camera is placed in the center. You can edit the logo and download it for free.

Photography Business Logo

This logo is meant for hardcore professionals. It has a formal look and leaves a good impression when it is presented. You are free to download the logo for personalized use.

Classic Antique Photography

Professionals who deal with antique photography may find this logo tailored for themselves. It incorporates a camera person with a mounted camera and has a simple graphic design.

Balloon Travel Photography

The logo shows a camera landing in a parachute. It suggests that the company deals with travel photography. The vibrant colors look beautiful with the black background.

Fashion Photography Logo

If you need a logo for a corporate fashion photography industry, you may edit and download this template. The golden visual elements and fonts are attractive and classy.

Photography Studio Logo

If you seek a professional touch in the logo, this may be the logo you were looking for. The black background color and rainbow image in the center makes it look sophisticated and professional.

Photography Company Logo

This logo has a dark background and a colorful center, with the lens of a camera in focus. You can edit the text in the background and download the image for free.

Photography Animal Name Logo


Greece Architecture Photography Logo


Beautiful Salon Photography


Media Production Photography Logo


Bakery Food Photography Logo


How to use these “Photography Logos”?

Photography logos are in great demand these days, and you can use one of these photography logo PSD for your brand. As these logos are editable, you can incorporate the name of your company or brand in the logo. Even if you are a freelance photographer you can use these logos. These are available in the downloadable format for free and you can customize the logos as per your requirements. You can browse through the website and avail the required logos.

The logos are of various types, and you are free to customize them according to your cherished themes. You may also look out for photography logo vector in the website. There are different images for photography logo png here and you can avail all the desired themes and variations on the website. You may also see Watercolor Logo Designs.

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