A client wants you to create a simple modern logo design for a business he’s planning on starting up. (He’s a bit of the finicky type and has already rejected plenty of artists and concept designs before. You don’t wanna mess this up because, well, he’s paying you handsomely and he’s got connections.) You have free creative reign, of course, except, you have to work around two colors: red and white.

Before you get into a panic, you may want to check out this collection of 9+ amazing red and white logo designs! These Free Logo Designs are editable vectors available for download in JPG, TIFF, EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Red and White Photography Logo

Red and White Photography Logo

Business Red and White Logo

Business Red and White Logo

Red and White Sales Logo

Red and White Sale Logo

Red and White Angle Logo

Angle Red and White Logo

The Deal with Red and White Logos

Red and white logos, Black & White Logos it doesn’t matter what color scheme you’re going for. All company logos are key in marketing a brand: they give the company an identity, one that future patrons will associate the said brand with in the long run. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make the brand a household name.

With the variety of designs in our collection of red and white logo designs, your client may very well succeed in that department. These red and white logo vectors can be customized and resized as much as you want, and you don’t even have to worry about distorting the image quality!

  • Cleverly stylized

Take some elements from your company name, incorporate it into the design, and you get the likes of “Red and White Photography Logo” and “Red and White Car Logo.” (The C and the wrench in the latter are genius!)

  • Symbolism wins over

“Red and White Sales Logo” and “Red and White Letter Logo” definitely have the symbolism part down. After all, what says sale more than a cool-looking price tag and medicine more than the familiar “Rx”?

  • Minimalist abstract

Though I’m not entirely sure what “Red and White Circles Logo” is for, but you gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

Red and White Langnese Logo

Red and White Langnese Logo


Red and White Dragons Logo

Dragon Red and White Logo

Red and White Circles Logo

Red and White Circles Logo


Red and White Letter Logo

Red and White Letter Logo


Simple Red and White Pin Logo

Simple Red and White Logo


Red and White Logo Designs for All

At this point, though there’s not really a prevailing theme (other than the colors) in this collection of red and white logo designs, you probably already have some ideas on how you’ll use these logo vectors. But for the sake of this section, here are some suggestions:

  • Professional photography services

Freelance photographer or professional at a studio, whatever the case, “Red and White Photography Logo” might be something you’ll like.

  • Car repair

If you want your business card to look as stellar as your services, then perhaps a little number like “Red and White Car Logo” will be perfect for you!

  • Super savers grocery store

Again, sale and price tag go together. Reel in potential regulars with “Red and White Sales Logo.”

  • Pharmacy/drugstore

Where medical supplies and other needs are concerned, a straightforward, no-nonsense logo ought to be your go-to; so check out “Red and White Angle Logo” and “Red and White Letter Logo.”

  • Virus protection software

“Red and White Dragons Logo” says that your software is as strong and impenetrable as a really good shield and as awesome as a dragon.


There you have it. Amazing red and white logos ready for you to download! Oh, and here are some Hand Drawn Logos just because.

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