Landscape paintings can be inspirational in a number of ways; the designers need to get an idea of composition, color, and texture. Contemporary paintings are magnificent and have a lot of meaning embedded in them. These paintings can work as wallpaper for your desktop or smartphone. You may also see Oil Paintings

Designers can create their own landscape paintings, which have a lot of depth, and can play with color contrast and lighting. You can get inspired from oil paintings, modern landscapes, acrylic paintings, and also from other such works. The paintings can also be printed. They would look astounding and can make a dull wall look spectacular. Awesome Women Paintings

Beautiful Landscape Oil Painting

Landscape paintings can be awe-inspiring and also extremely motivating for would-be designers. Oil paintings can be used as wallpapers for a smartphone, a Mac or a desktop PC. Those who love to add elegance to their system surely love to go for it.

Landscape Art Painting on Canvas

The landscape designs are spectacular, and these paintings on canvas can be a source of inspiration. The paintings are breathtaking to look at. The use of primary colors and also the separation between the foreground and the background is quite distinct. The shading and outlining are the areas that offer a completely different look to the painting.

Landscape Painting Wallpaper


The wide landscape has fielded in the foreground with blue flowers, and there is some overgrowth or shrubs in the mid-ground, and we see the sky on the horizon. A curvy path goes in the center; this wallpaper can be downloaded and set as a background for your desktop. It is perfect for those who love nature and want to have such natural wallpapers on mobile or system.

Simple landscaping Art

Depth has been created by making the trees in the foreground large compared to the midground, and we see the outline of mountains and birds flying in the sky at a distance. It offers a simple yet effective look of the sky that can fill the heart of the viewer with joy.

Charming Landscape Oil Painting

The use of primary colors in this symmetrical composition makes it more enchanting. Color combination also helps the painting to emerge as a different one than normal landscape paintings.

Greenery Nature Landscape Painting

The painting is predominantly green with a tint of blue and shades of black and brown. The green hue creates an amazing contrast making the painting look astounding. It offers beautiful colors of nature that can attract the attention of the viewers.

Landscape Oil Painting Wallpaper

This dream-like painting, set in a forest, looks spectacular. It can be used as a wallpaper and set as a background for your tablet, PC or Mac. It displays one’s abilities to handle difficult situations with ease and hence people of adventurous nature love to use such wallpapers.

Landscape Acrylic Painting on Canvas

The acrylic texture of the painting creates a distinct look, which is softer and different from oil paintings and watercolor paintings.

Beautiful Nature Landscape Painting

The painting uses different shades of green. The painting is a masterpiece because of the balance created by the foreground, midground, and the background.

Modern Landscape Painting

landscape painting

The modern landscape painting looks realistic, and the reflection on the water is magnificent.  The early morning look is distinctive and creates an amazing pattern.

Landscape Painting on Canvas

Landscape Mountain Painting


Canvas Landscape Painting

Water Color Landscape Painting


Landscape Painting Gallery

Nature’s Greenery Landscape Painting

Awesome Landscape Autumn Painting


The paintings can be printed on paper and put on the wall. You will have a better understanding of complementary colors, and you would be able to grasp how to use primary or secondary colors efficiently. You will also learn a lot about the different shades of one hue, by understanding the natural contrast brought out by shadows and how they are formed.


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