Drawing animals with pencil to paper is the favorite pastime for a lot of people, even profession to many others. The animal kingdom is very big and we all have animals that we absolutely love and adore in the wild. Simply because every animal has a distinct appeal which makes it attractive to the human beings. In this post, we set out to give you freebies in the form of Lion Drawings. The wolf is one of the most legendary and villainy creatures of the wild. Being the largest constituent of the dog family, wolves have a reputation to upkeep. They do it like no other. Check out the wolf drawings and you will know.

Howling Wolf Drawing

Howling Wolf DrawingSource

Amazing Wolf Drawing

Amazing Wolf DrawingSource

Awesome Wolf Drawing For Free

Awesome Wolf Drawing For FreeSource

Fabulous Wolf Drawing For Download

Fabulous Wolf Drawing For DownloadSource

Wolf Pencil Drawing

Wolf Pencil DrawingSource

Drawing an animal on paper in pencil takes time and lots of practice. The wolf is no exception. Thanks to its villainous and terrifying appearance, it is the body language and expressions of the wolf which are challenging to capture. No doubt that wolf is a photographer’s delight. When you look at its images, you will come to find that a wolf can be drawn using textbook strokes as well as extraordinary ones. With a pencil in hand, you could draw a wolf that’s a caricature or a masterpiece – what with all the shading and different styles of air brushing involved.

Graphite Pencil Drawing of a Wolf

Graphite Pencil Drawing of a WolfSource

The Big Bad Wolf Drawing

The Big Bad Wolf DrawingSource

Wolf Drawing with Colored Pencil

Wolf Drawing with Colored PencilSource

Drawing of a Wolf

Drawing of a WolfSource

Wolf Drawing For Free Download

Wolf Drawing For Free DownloadSource

Scroll through our compilation of wolf drawings which we are sure will is going to be an inspiration for to you take pen to paper and draw wolf drawings like never before!

Proportional Wolf Drawing For You

Proportional Wolf Drawing For YouSource

Wolf Playing with Butterfly Drawing

Wolf Playing with Butterfly DrawingSource

Pack of Howling Wolves Drawing

Pack of Howling Wolves DrawingSource

Wonderful Wolf Drawing

Wonderful Wolf DrawingSource

Fantastic Wolf Drawing For Free

Fantastic Wolf Drawing For FreeSource

Free Wolf Drawing For You

Free Wolf Drawing For YouSource

Wolf Inverted Pencil Drawing

Wolf Inverted Pencil DrawingSource

Magnificent Wolf Drawing

Magnificent Wolf DrawingSource

Staring Wolf Drawing For Free

Staring Wolf Drawing For FreeSource

Fast Drawing of Wolf

Fast Drawing of WolfSource

Drawing of Wolf For Free

Drawing of Wolf For FreeSource

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