Sometimes, your website or even your computer home screen background needs that touch of the artistic, and nothing else will do. A little hint of the great masterpieces can make for a completely different look, and you can try it out with these photos, images and pictures available for free download.

The Best Oil Paintings from Around the World

Imagine having all the best galleries around the world to choose from. This is where you can find all the best modern oil paintings and oil painting art, in what can arguably be called the best oil painting gallery of all because you can see it all from the comfort of your desk.

Creative Oil Painting Art

This eye pleasing and inspiring oil painting is available in the JPG file format that immediately arrests the attention of the viewer. The image of the trees falling on the water is creating a transparent effect providing enough scope for the artist to show his creativity.

Oil Painting Gallery

This is yet another example of oil painting in JPG format. You can display it during art exhibitions or in the art gallery. It portrays two people walking down the drenched road. The backdrop image of the trees falling on road is looking beautiful.

Realistic Feel Oil Painting Image

As the name suggests, this inspirational oil painting image will give you an impression of the original or real picture. The artist has used a number of vibrant hues to create that magical impact in the image. It is available in JPG format.

Most Amazing Oil Painting

This is one of the most amazing oil painting images that will make you spellbound and you will certainly fall in love with it. You can use it as calendar image or a wall paper for computer and also use it for decorative purpose.

Oil Painting Wallpaper

This is another fine illustration of the oil painting where the artist has displayed his excellence in the use of different colors. This is one of the perfect images that you can use it as wallpaper after downloading it in JPG format.

Beautiful Oil Painting

This is sheer elegance combined with beauty. One gets the impression that this is a real picture. Now you can increase the elegance of your interiors by adding this splendid beauty. The JPG format of the file makes it very easy for you to download the image.

Flower Painting

Beautiful flowers are adorned by all and this flower painting in oil base will be looking exceptional whether you are designing a greeting card or adding it as ac wallpaper somewhere. Here you will come across a number of bright colors.

Most Beautiful Oil Painting

This surely happens to be one of the most beautiful inspirational oil paintings which can be rendered as a masterpiece. This looks so real that it will spontaneously grab the eye. You can use it in website or as computer desktop background.

Eye Catching Painting

This oil painting will make you fascinated and it can be used for wallpaper image. You can also use it for wallpaper greetings, canvas paintings and so on. This image can be easily downloaded in the JPG format.

Eye Catching Oil Painting

This is another eye catching oil painting where you can find a fleet of boats which has been provided with bright and exciting colors. The reflection of the colors on the water offers it an unique and exclusive look.

Oil Painting Image

This is a beautiful and enchanting oil painting image which you can use against a romantic backdrop when planning such a theme. It has a couple on the road standing under the umbrella with fine looking shades in the background.

Oil Painting Art

This is one of the best options to choose from. If you are searching some unique design or art to add elegance into your home interiors or use it in as a portrait, then this oil painting art will suffice to all purposes.

Artistic Oil Painting

The artistic oil painting has a number of wow factors. First and foremost, it has excellent color combination which definitely adds to the gracefulness of the image. You can use it for variety of purposes such as in computer desktop background or wallpaper.

Amazing Horse Painting

Many people like to put on wallpapers depicting different types of animal images and this Amazing Horse Painting is one such image that will please your eyes. So just download the JPG file format and use it according to your needs.

Nature Oil Painting

This oil painting has a number of added features such as the graceful appearance, film quality, the use of colors in right proportion. You can set it as your background image of the PC or make also use it in your website.

Colorful Street Oil Painting

Landscape Oil Painting

Children Oil Painting

Oil Painting Art

Autumn Fall Painting Wallpaper

Oil Painting Art Gallery

Nature’s Oil Painting Wallpaper

Awesome Oil Painting

Colorful Oil Painting

Artistic Oil Painting

Most Colorful Oil Painting Art

Modern Oil Painting

Most Beautiful Flowers Oil Painting

Men Playing Guitar Painting

Best Nature’s Scenery Oil Painting

Stream Flow Painting

Oil Painting of A Baby

Pink Flower Painting on Canvas

Oil Painting of Flower

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