Wildlife occupies one of the key areas for the interest of kids. When they learn drawings, these can be incorporated in the forms of pictures to teach them the art in an interesting manner. Wolves are popular in cartoons as well as stories, so you can use a wolf drawings to teach the basics of the art to the kids. However, depending on the level of difficulty of the drawings, you need to download suitable templates that are likely to suit the aptitude and skills of the child. Here are some pictures of wolf drawings available in the downloadable format.

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Wolves Running Drawing

This picture has the figure of two wolves, running alongside each other. The pencil sketch in black and white shows the hair of the wolves and these can be used to teach the art of sketching to the kids. You may also see Horse Drawings.

Wolf Face Drawing

The face of a wolf is the key element of the picture. It is sketched in black and white. The facial lines are fine and the right incorporation of light and dark shades is evident here. You may also see Lion Drawings.

Drawing of Wolf Life Cycle

This picture shows the entire life cycle of the wolves. The large and small images of the animals depict them at different stages of their lives. This is ideal for the advanced kids. You may also see Love Drawings.

Tribal Wolf Drawing

This tribal wolf drawing has a dark background and a large and conspicuous face of the wolf. The animated features are absent here and the natural characteristics are visible in the face.

Hexagonal Shaped Wolf Drawing

This is an imaginative yet abstract idea of wolf drawing. Children love to draw different shapes and patterns. The same idea has been incorporated in this picture.


Wolf in Snow Drawing

This is a cute drawing of a wolf, enjoying the snow. Besides the black hue visible in the fur, the natural brown color is also evident on the body. You can download the picture for further use.

Wolf Inverted Pencil Drawing

The wolf drawings in pencil are sketched with an inverted pencil and it resembles the howling picture of the animal. The light and dark shades are clearly drawn, as visible in the fur and whiskers.

Black And White Wolves Drawing

This pencil sketch of the wolves shows two animals in anger. The fine edges are to be drawn with care. The light and dark combination of shades is nicely drawn in the picture.

Anime Wolf Drawing

In this picture, the wolves are colored, as they are presented in comic books. They seem to be speaking to each other, evident from the angle of the eyes and facial expression.

Retro Howling Wolf Drawing

This picture of the wolf shows it in a howling posture. It is of the vintage category and has fine brown fur on its neck. You can edit the picture and download it.

Colorful Wolf Pencil Drawing

A considerable color variation is shown in this image. The face of a baby wolf projects out of the leaves and twigs. The mould and flowers are red in color.

Hand-Drawn Wolf

This is a good image of a hand-drawn wolf. The outline of the body has been drawn with pencil and the sketch has been completed only in certain parts to give it a natural look.

Wolf Totem Animal Drawing

This sketch is a difficult one and has several shades of black and gray strokes in it. It has the face of a wolf in close-up position. The eyes have a bluish tinge.

Watercolor Wolf Drawing

This is an abstract depiction of a wolf in water colors. The face of a human is visible in the backdrop of the drawing. It has multiple colors, creating an essence of vibrancy.

Cool Baby Wolf Drawing


How to use these “Wolf Drawings”?

These wolf drawings can benefit the learners greatly. People interested in animal sketches will find it easy to cope up with the artistic elements in the drawings. The difficulty levels are also variable, and you can download the available templates from the website. It is easy to edit these pictures before you download the same. Apart from the young learners, these are suitable for the advanced artists also. In Some of the image, colors other than black and white have been used to make the sketches. One can observe these pictures and create the sketches on their own, to master the art if sketching.

Wolves are one of the most common and popular wild animals that are used in the art. It is due to the extensive variety of experimentation that can be done, using pencils and water colors. You can browse the website for different templates of drawings. Edit and download them as per your requirements. You may also see Funny Drawings.

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