Most of the kids start learning the art of drawing at a young age. They start with the basic things that are present around them. Among these, cartoon drawings are common these days, as most of the kids love to watch the cartoon. It is interesting for them to learn drawing with the images of cartoon characters. The junior students observe the figures and get a concept about color contrasts and lines. Others color up the same with different colors. Here are templates of fifteen cartoon Cute drawings for kids that can be downloaded from the website.

Disney Cartoon Drawing

This is a popular cartoon character depicting two figures from the Disney world. The light background color and vibrant color combination in the figures will attract the kids. You may also see Funny Drawings.

Cartoon Drawing of Animal

Children love cartoon drawings of animals and in this figure, a light colored lioness is the center of interest. It has rough lines in certain places and is suitable for kids. You may also see Horse Drawings.

Cartoon Stars Drawing

Kids are fond of stars. This template has the image of three beautiful cartoon stars, arranged in a cheerful manner. These are designed to resemble three-dimensional objects and are yellow in color.

Cartoon Thanksgiving Holiday drawing

This drawing comes with a message along with it. There are two fairy figures with different edibles in the picture. Considerable color variation is evident in this one.

Cartoon People Faces Drawing

These drawings are made with delicate pencil lines. Different faces in this picture depict different emotions. A considerable variety of shapes is also evident in their faces.

Custom Family Cartoon Drawing

This is a common picture that children see on televisions. The family members include two kids and their parents, walking hand in hand. The similarity on their clothes is noticeable.

Cartoon Character Drawing

These cartoon figures include a teddy bear and an ant. The former is lying on the grass while the ant is sitting in its body. The light background color and dark foreground color is visible in this picture.

Walking Buddies Cartoon Drawing

Dogs are popular among cartoon characters. Here are two dogs walking close by, one is a pure white and the other one is dark shaded. A red lace is visible, close to their throats.

Sheep Cartoon Drawing

This drawing, depicting a sheep, is quite abstract and imaginative. There is little color variation in the figure. It has a red balloon in one of its hands.

Mermaid Cartoon Drawing

There are two primary colors in this picture, yellow and blue. The hairs are sketched with thick lines of the colors, while the natural skin color is faded in the picture.

Cartoon Drawings of Children

A number of figures of children are depicted in this drawing. The color variation in their attires is visible. The expressions and facial lines are also subjected to a considerable variation.

Angels Drawings For Desktop

This picture is meant for the beginners. It has two figures of angels sitting face to face under the trees. The leaves are not drawn individually, rather a general green cover is drawn to depict the leaves.

Naruto Cartoon Drawing

This picture has two figures on the scene, one male while the other female. The expressions of anger and fear are evident on their respective faces. It is a nice specimen of a pencil sketch.

Cartoon Doodle Sketch Drawing

This figure shows different patterns of doodle sketches, as seen in comic books. Different colors have been used for the drawing and the shapes are interesting.

Fully Editable Cartoon Drawing

This picture can be edited as per your requirement. There are two color variations visible here-pink and blue. You can download it in the available format from the website.

Cartoon Elephant Birthday Drawing


How to use these “Cartoon Drawings”?

These cartoon drawings can be used quite innovatively. In order to give a concept of the lines and sketches, the kids can be asked to draw the same images on their own. Some of these images can be colored as well. You can browse the website for different cartoon drawing ideas and download relevant templates. The complexity and color variations in these drawings are quite visible. Hence, you need to customize the templates before you download them. Some kids have a special fascination for cartoons. They will enjoy a good time drawing these figures. You can be quite experimental with the content and nature of the drawings.

Cartoons are interesting to most of the kids, so the trainers will have an easy time if they can engage them with their favorite cartoon characters. These pictures are fully editable as well. Go through different types of available drawings in the website and avail all the necessary templates free of cost. You may also see Love Drawings.

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