Modern art, many of us love it while the rest of us simply don’t get it. Either way, it is a great form of expression and is a much sought after commodity. So much so, that people want to hang these arts on their walls for some reason. Modern art paintings not only add personality to rest of your décor, but can greatly enhance a home’s interior design by adding a touch of visual interest. You may also see Butterfly Drawings

Female Modern Art painting

Although the style used in this painting is pretty modern, the theme is of ancient Egypt. The eccentric beauty of Egyptian beauties has been accurately portrayed in this amazing painting. This will be a great attraction in your living room.

 Trible Women Modern Painting

This modern painting is an amalgamation of acrylic coloring style and glass painting style. The women in this picture appears to be from an Indian subcontinent tribe. This is a soothing painting, which can also give a feast to the eyes.

Blue And Purple Modern Painting

This is a modern art painting in every sense. People can interpret the idea behind this painting according to their connection with the external world. This is the beauty of modern paintings – it creates a wave of creativity inside the heart of viewers.

Modern Face Painting

There are many ways to draw the face of a beautiful woman. This painting destroys the traditional norms of painting, with its modern approach to the style. One can’t help but wonder, how one feels the aroma of beauty from all this chaos of colors.

Black and White Modern painting

Although the headline specifies it is a black and white painting, it has some application of colors. You can get the feel of a regular village street. The more you look at it, the more you can savor the feel of a nostalgic childhood memory from this painting.

 Kunst- Childern Painting

One thing about modern painting is that it can get you trapped inside a torrent of emotions every time you look at it. This innocent illustration of a little girl, sleeping tiredly on her table is very creative and visually spectacular.

Brazilian Modern Art


The main thing which comes to our mind, when we hear about Brazil is the sandy beaches with sunshine. This Brazilian modern art is very attractive, due to its celebratory painting style and vibrancy. Yellow clearly adds great energy in to the canvas.

Street Knife Painitng

An explosion of colors – no other descriptions can correctly conceive the feel that this painting can give. The artist managed to give his full concentration on every square millimeters of the canvas. You can enlighten your interior with this painting.

Greenary Modern Art

This is a gorgeous painting, if you know how to enjoy the theme correctly. The artist managed to convey the idea without using a lot of colors. The brush strokes are so perfect in this picture. You can use it for decorative purposes.

Modern Oil Painting

This is an amazing oil painting. Colors has been carefully distributed to create a perfect image. Viewers can spent a lot of time, thinking about the beauty of this wonderful painting. It is an illustration of two girls, expressing intense hidden emotions.

Lady Modern Oil Painting

This is one amazing oil painting for your home. You can hang it on the living room to increase the interior beauty. The color scheme will go nicely along with any type of walls. You can also use this superb painting on the wall of your office room.

Eye Modern Art

This is an example of good modern day painting. This image describes an eye in detail. Everyone will feel an instant attraction and connection with this painting. It is so life-like. This splendid piece of art will be a great choice for interior decoration.

Couples On Street Modern Painting

This is perhaps the most popular painting after Mona Lisa. It is a festival of colors and love. The picture illustrates two couples on a beautiful walkway. The intensity of colors denotes the density of love and lust between them.

Women Modern Art

If you are searching for an African tribal painting, you can use this one. This is an image of a tribal woman, wearing traditional ornaments. Only a minimum number or colors and shades are used in this amazing woman modern art.

Mens Modern Art

This is another example for the love of modern painters towards tribal life. You can see the life of tribal people, and feel how their souls are synchronized with the the mother nature. This painting can be used to decorate your interior walls.

Ship Landscape Modern Art painting


Crane Modern Painting

Themed Art

A lot of paintings follow a cultural theme, such as Ancient Egyptian or even Japanese art, and can be a great place to start your hunt for the perfect piece of art. Similarly, simple black and white photography has a certain mystique to it and goes well with any backdrop. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your tastes, interests or even hobbies. Modern art works well with almost any décor as they come across as very eye-catching and appeal to a wide audience. You can even mix the best of two worlds by using a modern art piece against the backdrop of a traditional home. You can also see Rose Drawings

Personalized Art

Pencil art is also very popular and will fit in well in the scheme of your home. But, if you’re in the mood for some real modern artwork, nothing works better than inanimate objects and illustrations. You can use these paintings either by downloading, printing and framing them for free or even just as wallpapers on your desktop. Either way, you’re definitely going to make an impression. Modern art designs incorporate modern influences including brightly colored graffiti and even celebrities.

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