There was a time when just a single typeface could be used for the entire design. The most beloved font “Helvetica” that was made abandoned by Apple had a reason behind it. And in the time, when you have such amazing novelty and casual fonts floating around, why would you want to stick to conventional items. Scroll through this list of free fonts for various moods to see how fast the things have advanced and made more choices available for you.

Free Scriptina Regular Font


Here is a script called Scriptina Font Family that has been developed by Apostrophic Labs. The typeface is free for commercial use as well and you can download this font with the two styles from the given link.

Free Cursive Font

Free Cursive Font

To show a great vibe why not you use the font called Great Vibes. The font includes glyphs for both upper and lower case characters and is a flowing connected script with clean loops.

Free Calligraphy Font

Free Calligraphy Font

With a name like Queen of Heaven, you can totally expect some class. You can download this font in TTF file format which includes upper and lower case characters along with numerals and some other useful symbols.

Free Monogram Font

Free Monogram Font

Janda Stylish Monogram font was created by Kimberly Geswein that is free to use only for personal projects. The TTF file includes glyphs for a total of 115 characters including both the cases.

Free Wedding Font

Free Wedding Font

Here is a font called Wedding Bells that can be downloaded in TTF file format from the below-mentioned link. The characters do contain some kind of ornamental look which probably gives it the name in the form of extended initial and finishing edges.

Free Futura Font

Free Futura Font

Here is the future regular font that is available to you as a TrueType font. The font is available only in a single style and has appeared in multiple places over the last couple of decades.

Free Handwriting Font


Here is a font that has a funky name to it, 3Dumb. This typeface will be perfect to be used in logos, stationary and other graphic design for your portfolio. You can download the versions for Windows and Mac as well for it.

Free Gotham Font


Here is a font for Windows that is called Gotham rounded. It is a trademark of Hoefler & Frere – Jones and is a simple casual font available in the file format from the given link.

Free Christmas Font


Kingthings Christmas font is quite a king’s thing. Check out the link provided below to find more about the download details. You can also check out other related fonts at the same URL.

Free Tattoo Font


Wonder ball with its curves and sharp edges will look quite interesting as a tattoo or on a t-shirt. The knives and swords like characters are available to you to download for free in TTF file format.

Free Chalkboard Font


The kind of finish you want to achieve are now available in the fonts itself like the chalkboard characters of the font mentioned here that would go well for party flyers and invitations with a frame of yellow lights.

Free Embroidery Font


Add a touch of embroidery to the designs for you clients from the fabric and fashion world. You can even create such a font using embroidery brushes in photoshop and use them for your party flyers.

Free Graffiti Font


This font has a name for which you will have to check the provided link. The graffiti font can be downloaded as a TTF file and definitely gives the spray paint graffiti look to the characters.

Free Vintage Font


Here is a font by Chris Hansen called as Carnivalee Freakshow font that you can use for free for both personal and commercial purposes. The all caps typeface can be used for your retro and vintage designs.

Free Halloween Font


Halloween is all about spookiness and scary visuals. Here is a font that will let you achieve the same in your text style as well with its dripping ink other details to certain characters. You can download the TTF file for the regular style of font from the given link.

Free Web Font

Free Web Font

Here is a font that you can use for your web projects. You can download the file and upload to your server to access it for your projects. You can also try to link the font instead to save on the load time.

Free Typewriter Font

Free Typewriter Font

Typewriter fonts are the types that are not connected and usually, the finish is not very precise. In the link provided below, you can scroll through multiple typefaces that will suit the typewriter font style.

Free Stencil Font


Compared to the typewriter, stencil font is more clean and precise, but still not connected. Here is a font that is called the army stencil font and you can download it for free from the given link.

Free Hipster Font


Here is a font collection that falls under the category tag of hipster. Scroll through the list and find out the one that resonates with the hipster in you or the one your design demands.

Free Cartoon Fonts


Check out this font that looks like it has been made out of cartoon blacks. You can also filter your search on the below-mentioned link to find more refined fonts for your use.

Free Poster Fonts


It is quite simple to get started with any of these free fonts. Once you have downloaded the file, you can go to your control panel and add the new font there to be able to use it in your system. You can even make it available for various other software and editors you use. To be able to use them on the web, you will either have to upload them on the server or try to link it to the online source which has got popular in the recent years with Google fonts.

So probably you know now that there are multiple font options for you and not the preset that come with the software. And you would be surprised to find out how many there are for any theme you can think of, and that too for free. So refine your search for free modern fonts or free retro fonts or free whatever fonts and always have results at your disposal.

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