If you are searching for some new and creative textures, then the striking white wood texture is the perfect one for you. Not just one texture, we brought you a collection of these white shaded high quality wood textures with incredible beauty. Transform the beauty and effect of these Photoshop backgrounds to your design to attract more audience towards it. Scroll down to find the perfect one for your layout!

Download High Quality White Wood Texture

Download High Quality White Wood TextureDownload

Painted White Wood Stock Texture

Painted White Wood Stock TextureDownload

White Curved Wooden Texture

White Curved Wooden TextureDownload

Wooden Siding Painted White Texture

Wooden Siding Painted White TextureDownload


Old White Wood Painted Textures

Old White Wood Painted TexturesDownload

White Raw Curved Wooden Texture

White Raw Curved Wooden TextureDownload

The white wood texture collection includes sliced wood with lines and waves pattern that have a realistic appearance. For shiny effect, use the wood texture of polished surface in various shapes. Aging of white wood creates concentric patterns on it in different shades of grey or black, which adds charm to the beauty of white wood.

Wood Textures Pack for Free Download

Wood Textures PackDownload

Painted White Wooden Plank Texture

Painted White Wooden Plank TextureDownload

High Quality White Wood Texture

High Quality White Wood TextureDownload

Vector White Wooden Style Background Texture

White Wooden Style Background TextureDownload

Free Vector White Wood Texture

Free Vector White Wood TextureDownload

White and Cracked Old Wood Planks Texture

White and Cracked Old Wood Planks TextureDownload

Set it as the background of your blogs as it has a softness that lets the reader comfortably read the blog and connect with it. Even when these textures are used for desktop wallpaper they serve well, as it will sooth your eyes at every instance you switch to desktop.

Free Stained White Wood Texture

Stained White Wood TextureDownload

Weathered White Painted Wood Texture

Weathered White Painted Wood TextureDownload

5 Old White Weathered Wood Painted Background Textures

Old White Weathered Wood Painted Background TexturesDownload


Grunge White Painted Wood Textures

Grunge White Painted Wood TexturesDownload

White Painted Wood Texture

White Painted Wood TextureDownload


The seamless wood textures have turned out to the favourite’s of the graphic and web designers, as it helps them to create designs that are amazing and remarkable. These wood texture in a variation of white shades are really helpful while creating presentations. These high-quality textures are a must in your graphic library. Download this exclusive set of white wood textures that can be used in your upcoming projects in numerous ways- get them for free today!

Old White Wood Texture

Old White Wood TextureDownload



Blue and White Painted Wood Grain Texture

Blue and White Painted Wood Grain TextureDownload

Coarse White Wood Texture

Coarse White Wood TextureDownload

Rutted White Wood Texture

Rutted White Wood TextureDownload

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