For most people, butterflies are more than just some worms with pretty, colorful wings attached to their bodies (although I doubt that anyone actually thinks that). Through the natural process of metamorphosis, which make these creatures into the beautiful fluttering beings that they are, butterflies themselves have become practically synonymous with change.

If that is the whole idea behind your brand, you are going to like this collection of 9+ colorful butterfly logo designs! Check out this collection of Free Logo Designs. They all come in transparent PNG, JPG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—perfect for all your graphic design needs.

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Colorful Butterfly Logo

Butterfly Brand Logo

Butterfly Business Logo

Butterfly Logo Vector

Butterfly Photography Logo


5 Butterfly Logo Designs

As it is quite apparent in this collection of Butterfly Logo Designs, you may have noticed that we have curated quite an assortment, a variety of designs here for you. Feel free to scroll up and down and inspect each variation. (However, if you prefer feathers on your wings, check out these Bird Logo designs instead!)

  • Creative Spin – Who needs to stick to the norm of butterfly illustrations? Take some inspiration from “Colorful Butterfly Logo,” “Butterfly Brand Logo,” and “Butterfly Corporate Logo.” Eighty-six the middle (the wormy bit), and opt for a pointed ellipse shape.
  • Marvelously Minimalist – Hatched from the golden rule “less is more” are these three killer butterfly logo designs: “Butterfly Business Logo,” “Butterfly Logo Vector,” and “Butterfly Chocolate Logo.”
  • Free Interpretation – “Butterfly Photography Logo” takes on a more deconstructed, genius abstract design. It opts for a bow-like structure with an eye-catching swirly pattern of colors.
  • Clever Word-Image Play – “Butterfly Art Logo Design” uses the text in place of the butterfly’s wings. With this level of creativity, I imagine that the artist of this butterfly logo design will be hired soon. Ha-ha!
  • METAmorphic – In the whole theme of change is “Butterfly Fashion Logo.” It looks like any good old butterfly illustration, except when you look at it from a certain angle, it “morphs” into a mask. Then there’s “Butterfly Floral Mark Logo,” a bunch of images to form an image of a butterfly. Trippy, I know.

Butterfly Art Logo Design


Butterfly Fashion Logo


Butterfly Corporate Logo

Butterfly Chocolate Logo


Butterfly Floral Mark Logo


Butterfly Logo Designs Takeaways

Aside from the non-abstract and Abstract Logo designs themselves, you can take away the following tips on how to make a good logo design:

  • Deviate from the Norm – As with several butterfly logo designs you see here, you don’t have to stick to the typical shape and form of the thing you’re taking inspiration from. You don’t have to mimic the exact figure of the real-life counterpart. This is the most opportune time for you to get creative! You can, instead, use the shape as a skeleton, and then deconstruct and simplify it.
  • Color Is Your Best Friend – Don’t be shy with color! But don’t get too excited with it either. Pick a cohesive color palette that reflects the image of the company that you want to project, and then adjust accordingly.
  • Use Clever Wordplay and Design Elements – You can take some inspiration from “Butterfly Art Logo Design” by incorporating key text, say, the company name, into the logo design. Or you can do as the artist of “Butterfly Fashion Logo” did by making it a mashup of two images.

So there you have it! Your butterfly logo designs, which you can use however you want. One more thing. Don’t forget to download, okay?

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