Being an industry focused on treating people and preserving and, overall, improving lives, the medical industry has been for years been up there as regards income generation. I mean, it’s no surprise, really, as the will to survive is something intrinsic in all human beings. But apart from that, there’s definitely something to be said about the people in the medical field—people who risk their own overall health because they’re ensuring everyone else’s.s

For those of you noble people in this field, consider this collection of 12+ elegant medical logo designs a sort of tribute to you. (And just to throw it out there, these Free Logos come in Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, etc. formats.)

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Medical Heart Logo

Royal Medical Logo

Medical Snake Logo


Medical Logo Template

Creative Medical Logo

Abstract Medical Logo

Medical Logo Designs 5 Ways

Though tied down to a specific subject matter, you can see that there’s still quite a surprisingly varied selection in these Medical Logo designs. And even better, these Logo Designs are of pretty stellar quality as well!

  • Symbolic, Representational – A time-tested method, the use of images relevant to the business (otherwise known as symbols) is apparent in the following medical logo designs: “Medical Heart Logo,” “Medical Logo Template,” “Medical Health Care Logo,” and “Medical Pharmaceutical Logo.”
  • Minimalist – The minimalist or simplistic style has also been a go-to in establishing brand identities. Keeping the logo design as straightforward as possible guarantees an effortless modern look. You can see this in “Royal Medical Logo” and “Download Medical Logo Design.”
  • Taking It from the Name – “Medical Snake Logo,” “Abstract Medical Logo,” and “Foot Medical Logo,” took inspiration from the company names themselves, but with their own quirky, artistic spin.
  • Negative Space – With the use of negative space to create new images, you get the likes of “Creative Medical Logo” and “Charity Medical Vector Logo.”
  • Mashup – “Medical Pharmacy Logo Design” and “Medical Truck Pharmacy Logo” are both perfect executions of combining two different elements to produce a solid medical logo design.

Foot Medical Logo

Medical Pharmacy Logo Design

Download Medical Logo Design


Medical Pharmaceutical Logo


Charity Medical Vector Logo

Medical Logo Design Takeaways

Aside from the great-quality pre-made logos you get in this collection of medical Logo Designs, you get to have the following takeaway pointers as well:

  • Combo Logos Are Cool – You may have noticed how different and quirky the “mashup” logos are from the rest of the medical logo designs in this collection. If it has caught your eye, then you know that these types of logos are gonna grab attention and make people admire the cleverness of the idea and the thought put into creating it. As always, you can’t go willy-nilly about this, and you must practice restraint: stick to two to three images to combine.
  • Know Which Symbols to Feature – Of course, you can’t go off deciding on a logo design by preferences or what you think looks cool. Think about the image you want to project, the brand you want to sell. Then you work from there.
  • Colors Play a Huge Role – Colors create feeling and influence opinion. If you want to project the image of being a for-every-man medical institution, you could opt for the “cooler” colors such as greens and blues. If you want to create a sense of urgency, opt for red. Ultimately, you should always go back to your brand.

That said, I think it’s time you download these medical logo designs!

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