A logo is a non-visual effect which a buyer/individual first identifies in a brand. Photography logos are used almost everywhere. Whether it be a large industry or a small food shop, photography logos are used almost everywhere. Firstly, these logos distinguish one company from other and secondly, gives a beautiful and attractive look to the viewers. These photographic logos can range from a simple banner logo to an eye-catching branding logo. Here is the list of some photography logo ideas.

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Fashion Photography Logos

These logos are generally used when a fashion show is organized. The photos have an appealing look and can gather a lot of audiences. It can include graphics containing a text, design or any fancy photograph.

Fashion Photography Logo Design

Pocket Fashion Logo

Vintage Photography Logos

These Photography logos gives an old and appealing look to the logos. It can be used by any company in branding their products and can also be used in blogs.

Unique Vintage Photography Logos

 Vintage Film Photography Logo

Modern Photography Logos

Logos that contains a colorful representation of a snap when various color patterns are used in logos it is called modern photography logos. Used by companies and schools.

Modern Studio Photography Logo

Modern Skydive Photography Logo

Wedding Photography Logos

Photography logos used to design wedding cards or wedding ceremony which gives an eye-catching look to the audience and is used for promoting weddings in a unique and appealing way.

Wedding Bride Photography Logo

Wedding Film Ring Photography Logo

Real Estate Photography Logos

Imagine yourself finding a new house for you. You come across various hoardings all over your city. These photography logos can depict an icon of the house in a graphical or clean and simple way.

Real Estate Portfolio Photography Logo

Real Estate Home Photography Logo

Photography Business Logos

Photography logos which are used to promote business. Can be made graphically or by using black and white colors. These logos are used by a business organization for the branding of their company name and so on.

Analog Photography Business Logo

Camera Zoom Photography Logo

Wildlife Photography Logos

Photography logos including logos of animals which are mostly used by the wildlife sanctuary to attract tourist from all over the word. Graphical colors or just simple black and white text can be used to decorate these logos.

Wild Life Reindeer Photography Logo

Wildlife Nature Photography Logo

Natural Photography Logos

Logos of natural elements such as sun, flower, grass etc. which can be created graphically or by using simple colors. These photography logo vectors can be used in school projects, business presentation, and much more.

Natural Landscape Photography

Natural Globe Photography Logo

Retro Photography Logos

This photography PSD logo is same as vintage photography logo which is presented in old look. These logos are generally created by using black and white text or pictures.

Retro Cam Photography Logo

Retro Music Studio Photography Logo

Free Photography Logos

Are you looking for free photography logos? There are various photography PSD logos and photography vectors logo that can be downloaded for free online and can be used in decorating projects, reports, business logos.

Funny Food Photography Logo

Digital Animal Photography Logo

Spiral Photography Logos

Photography logos, photography PSD logo that is generally made graphically containing various colors and giving an eye-catching look to the audience are known as spiral photography logos. Mostly used business companies for decorative logos.

Optic Spiral Photography Logo

Security Service Photography Logo

Flower Photography Logos

Photography vector logos, that mainly contains an art of a flower is known as flower photography logo. These logos are generally used to decorate projects, reports and by the shops who sell flowers.

Abstract Flower Photography Logo

Minimalistic Flower Photography Logo

Shutter Photography Logos

Photography vector logos which is used to advertise various photography cameras, video cameras informing about the shutter of the camera is known as shutter photography logos. Generally, black and white colors are used and it is in circular form.

Shutter Bloom Photography Logo

Shutter Bug Photography Logo

Photography Name Logos

The photography logos which are used to decorate the first of the last letter of a name. These logos provide an attractive look to the audience. Used by general people for decorating their first name using special graphics or symbols.

Blue Sky Photography Name Logo

Vanilla Photography Name Logo

Sports Photography Logos

Photography vector logo used for decorating sports products such as a football, cricket bat in an attractive way. Generally used by the sports companies to attract their customers.

Professional Sports Photography Logo

Branding Sports Photography Logo

Photography Studio Logos

Whenever you go for a photo click in a studio you must have seen special designs which attract you lot. These are the photography vector logo which is used by the photographers in their studios to attract customers.

Camera Photography Studio Logo

Amazing Photography Studio Logo

Dance Photography Logos

You must have seen various dance competitions having a logo behind their show name which makes an appealing and attractive look to the viewers. These photography logos are known as Dance photography logos. Used by dance academies.

Inspiration Dance Photography Logo

Professional Photography Logo Designs

You go to a photographer to hire them for some special occasion and outside of that shop you see an attractive logo of a person capturing a photo, these logos are known professional photography logos and is mostly used by professional photographers.

Effective Photography Logo

Professional Architecture Photography Logo

Old Photography Logos

These logos are also known as vintage or retro photography logos. These photography logos are used to give an old vintage look to the photos. Used by filmmakers, logo designers, etc.

Classic Old Photography Logo

Grunge Old Photography Logo

Colorful Photography Logos

When in a logo, a pattern of various colors is used to decorate a logo, it is known as colorful photography logos. By using colors in a logo it can be customized to an eye-catching logo which a good enough to attract the audience.

Colorful Photography Stock Logo

Colorful Camera Gear Photography

Landscape Photography Logos

A picture containing snap of a natural object such as a hill, a scenery which can later be converted into a logo for attracting tourists. Mainly used by resorts, restaurants, etc. which are present in a tourist place.

Landscape Agency Photography Logo

 Landscape Eventful Photography

Travel Photography Logos

The logos that are used by the tourist companies to attract customers are travel photography logos. The visual can be a bus, train or an airplane, the modes are transport which is used for traveling,

Creative Travel Photography Logo

Smart Travel Adventurous Photography Logo

Outdoor Photography Logos

Photography logos that are used in the decoration of an outing spot, a photography contest, decorating resorts and restaurants are generally known as outdoor photography logos.

Mountain Nature Outdoor Photography

Kaleidoscope Outdoor Photography Logo

Photography PSD Logos

The photography logos which are made by using various color patterns and is of high quality are referred to as photography PSD logos. These logos can have snaps of nature, fashion, music, dance etc. and are used in photo studios, professional photography etc.

Food Event Photography Logo

Bird Camera Photography Logo

Photography Camera Logos

You must have seen advertisements of various types of cameras and at the end of the ad. you must have noticed they show a small icon of a camera and that icon is known as camera logos. These photography logos are used to distinguish one brand from another.

Camera Love Photography Logo


Cloud Photography Logos

Photographs having a snap of a cloud is referred to the cloud logo. For e.g. an icon of a OneDrive, it contains two clouds overlapping each other. Used mainly by companies, can also be used in projects, reports, etc.

Cinematography Cloud Logo

Branding Blue Cloud Logo

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the photography logos, photography PSD logos, and photography vector logos is very much important for a company/business profile to identify their brands and distinguish themselves from their other competitors. There are also various types of free photography logo ideas present online that can be used in projects and reports.

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