A client tells you to come up with a concept logo design for his hip, new restaurant. The grand opening is supposed to be in five months’ time; but you’ve still yet to start designing, and the projected launch date (to “tease” the people on social media) is in less than two weeks. Right now, you’re feeling stuck and uninspired.

But don’t lose hope just yet! You may wanna check out our collection of the 8+ attractive restaurant logo designs. With these Free Logos, you can get that design done without the hassle of starting from scratch and losing much time! These are varied editable vectors available for download in AI, EPS, PSD, etc. formats. Go check ’em out!

Food Restaurant Logo

Food Restaurant Logo

Seafood Restaurant Logo

Vintage Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant Logo Design

Traditional Restaurant Logo

Traditional Restaurant Logo


The Deal with a Restaurant Logo

Food Logos, Restaurant Logos, pretty much all company logos in general are crucial in marketing a brand: they give the company an identity, one that potential customers will associate the said brand with in the long run. The goal is to have that brand established. While it is true that the quality of the products and services should weigh far greater than everything else, still, no one will go for them if no one knows of them.

But with the variety of designs in our collection of restaurant logo designs, that can be a distant (or nonexistent) worry. On top of that, these restaurant vectors can be customized and resized however you want without ruining the image quality!

  • Longevity rules

What better way to convince people of your product other than the fact that you’ve been in business for years? It’s evident among several different businesses and in “Food Restaurant Logo” and “Seafood Restaurant Logo.”

  • Cleverly stylized

For a unique logo, a mashup of the different elements in the design would be called for. Take it from “Restaurant Logo Design,” “Food Restaurant Logo,” and “Modern Seafood Restaurant Logo.”

  • Key words matter

To let the people in on your brand and your niche, it’s good to incorporate key words into your restaurant logo design as well. Note the emphasis of the words fresh and farm in “Organic Food Restaurant Logo.”

Modern Restaurant Logo Design

Modern Restaurant Logo Design

Modern Seafood Restaurant Logo

Sea Food Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Designs for All

Given the very singular theme in this collection of restaurant Logo Designs, you probably already have an idea of exactly who will find it useful. But just to put it out there, here’s a short list of suggestions:

  • Artisan or specialty

For those looking to open up a restaurant offering specialty dishes or dishes with special ingredients or maybe a restaurant that’s themed and offers an entirely different experience, perhaps “Food Restaurant Logo,” “Traditional Restaurant Logo,” “Food Restaurant Logo,” and “Crown Restaurant Logo” are the ones for you.

  • Seafood

It’s no wonder that plenty have taken to capitalizing off of the fruits of the sea: it’s a crowd favorite. Draw some inspiration from “Seafood Restaurant Logo” and “Modern Seafood Restaurant Logo.”

  • Fresh and organic

If you’re taking advantage of people getting in on the health and fitness kick as well (smart man), perhaps the designs you’re looking for are “Restaurant Logo Design” and “Organic Food Restaurant Logo.”


So now that you have your options and a few suggestions to work with, I will leave you here to get to the fun part of link shopping and downloading! Come and get ’em while they’re hot! (You know you want to.)

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