Each producer is looking for a way to up his sales and gets customers to prefer his product. These product label designs are innovative and different, and perfect for those start-ups and organic producers, to differentiate their products from others. Check them out and bring authenticity to your product. You can also see Wine Label Designs.

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Fresh Juice Food Labels Designs

These custom food labels are colorful and attractive, with their bright way of writing over them. They can be used for kid’s juice box. You can also see Beer Label Designs.

Homemade Foods Label Design

This Food label design is simple in its white and black sticker style, with the writing written in different sizes and in a beautiful font. You can also see Soap Label Designs.

Wilson Farmland Food Label


This food label design is creative with a crooked cut over at one end. The tags are color coded according to the food type, which can be edited and also used for something that is completely unrelated to food also.

Linear Food Labels

These vector food label illustrations are attractive to the eye because of the cartoon depiction of the item, with large pictures in bright colors. The labels can also be used in sticker format.

Food Product Label Design

This green themed food label design free vector is cute and has a set of small custom made labels, can be used for non-GMO and bioproducts.

Organic Food Labels

This black and white themed sticker is big, bold and simple. They are standard sticker design, made in round JPEG file.

Restaurant Organic Food Labels Design

This set of food tags are simple in their brown and green combination, innovative and perfect for organic and bio products.

Retail Food Label Design

This royal black and gold food tag stickers are attractive and beautiful, can be customized to make them suit your products, which is not food related also.

Natural Premium Food Quality Labels

These are standard design of green and brown, perfect for the bioproducts and non-GEO products. They can be easily edited.

Farm Fresh Food Label

These are cute and bright, with bright colored happy farm animals dominating most of the sticker. They are perfect for attracting children and therefore, can be used for snacks and also as a poster for other parties.

Sea Food Label Design

These have an image of hand drawn fish and seafood, and can be used as a background for those sealed and processed covers for cold storage.

Mexican Food Labels Set

This inspiring food label design is colorful and attractive, couple with tempting food pictures, and watch your sales go up. They are available in EPS format.

Organic and Natural Food Labels

These are standard stickers for those bioproducts and organic food materials, except, these are made beautiful and attractive by using small birds, butterflies, and ants design along with the stickers.

Detailed Ornate Various Colour Food Label

These food labels are royal looking, with their golden designs with royal colors like navy blue and deep red. They can also be used for wine tags or price tag stickers.

Hand Drawn Food Labels

These simple tags are hand drawn and easy to understand the product. They are mostly used by many producers to help the customers to understand and differentiate between types of fish.

Free Ecologic Food Labels Design

Farm Food Typography Design Label

Italian Food Labels

Juice Flavor Food Label Design & Illustration

Retro Food Labels with Fruits

Bakery Badges Food Label Design

These inspiring food tag designs can also be used as templates for bottle label designs as these are easy to download and create your own, by customizing using these templates. Check these pout and get ideas for your next product, and watch the sales go up!

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