Packaging designs are a really important aspect of any product based company. When there are multiple companies with the same product, it comes down to the loyalty of the customers, which definitely depends on the Product Packaging Designs. There are multiple bag Packaging Designs for you to look at. And in this article, you can find multiple mockups and templates for a great water packaging design. Scroll through the following pages to have a better understanding of these designs.

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Vitamin Water Packaging

Here is a design mockup that was created for the brand Nurse, which is a proprietary new vitamin water type drink that came out in 2013. Use this design for a plastic Bottle Packaging reference.

Water Bottle Packaging Design

Here is a design by Pantus Design studio that has created this tall bottle packaging container for Spele water in four different categories. The design is a Ukraine-based firm and you can look at it here. You may also see Product Packaging.

Custom Water Bottle Packaging

Here is a custom water bottle packaging that came into existence as a result of a design exercise. The unconventional design for the bottle looks really elegant and you can incorporate the same in your design. You may also see Food Packaging.

Plastic Christmas Water Bottle Packaging

Many brands change the packaging design for different occasions. One of them is Christmas. And since it is just a month from now, you will find this design pretty useful for Christmas water packaging.

Isolated Ceramic Water Bottles

Here is a great collection of bottle packaging in different materials, like plastic, glass, and ceramic that you can download and use for free for various liquid based products, apart from just water.

Water Pouch Packaging

Mario Pimenta has great design skills and you can tell that from the work that has been shared here. These designs came out of JKR 2016 competition for packaging “the purest water ever known to man found in space”.

Plastic Jug Water Bottle Packaging

If you are not too tight on a budget, then here is a premium design option for you that you can download in PSD file format. You can easily customize the high-quality design using smart objects.

Collection of Water Packaging Design

Here is another collection of water packaging design that you can use as a mockup reference for your original designs. The realistic representation has got a bottle design that can be used for various products like shampoo, body shower and such.

Sword Water Bottle Packaging Design

Here is a design for a sipper style of bottle for the brand called Sword. It is for an endurance drink, with added vitamins and minerals, but you can also use it for your water bottle packaging design.

New Design for Bottle Packaging

Here is another free design that you can download as a stock vector illustration set in a high-resolution and available in multiple sizes for you to use. The design shows a plastic bottle with the wide cap.

Portable Water Packaging

Marek Jagusiak has shared this design for a top premium product for naturally sparkling water that is derived from the Carpathian Mountains. Have a look at this great collection of portable water packaging.

Eco-Friendly Water Packaging

Say goodbye to plastic with this eco-friendly water packaging design. Well, the production cost of this packaging will be higher, and in case you have a client looking for something similar, this mockup will work best for you.

Water Bottle Wrappers Package

You will also have to work on the wrappers that go around the plastic bottles and contain the branding work. Here is a link to download the digital copies of such a label that you can use in your designs.

Coconut Pure Water Packaging

Here is a clean, modern and sophisticated design for a pure coconut water line designed by BUD design agency from Brazil. You can use this design for inspiration purposes for your water packaging designs.

Vintage Original Water Packaging

Now is the turn for you to find a design for a vintage hot water bag. The retro design will act as a great mockup unless you decide to order it online from the given link to be delivered to your house.

Free Bottles Graphic Packaging


Editable Water Bottle Packaging


Drinking Water Packaging


Aluminium Water Bottle Packaging

Funky Water Bottle Packaging

These are some of the best designs that you will come across for water packaging. You can also use the same design for other products that are again water based. These products might include your toiletries and oils and juice. Otherwise, there is also a list of beverage packaging designs for you to let your design ideas grow a bit. You may also see Paper Packaging.

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