We might have seen a recurring material in houses on movies or in televisions shows. They seem to repeat and are an important decorative interior element. We’re talking about the pattern designs in wallpapers.

Patterns usually incorporate geometric and organic shapes to depict a seamless and rhythmic arrangement. Patterns aren’t just meant to be pasted on a wall but can be used in digital as well.

There are a variety of pattern designs to choose from. Patterns feature natural elements such as flora to branches and even the edgy and colorful geometric shapes. To get you started, browse down below to view our list of best diamond patterns. You may also see our collection of free patterns.

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Diamond Pattern Background

Black and White Diamond Pattern

Free Diamond Pattern


Seamless Diamond Pattern


Stone Diamond Pattern

What makes a pattern?

A pattern is a beautifully illustrated decoration that results in an aesthetically pleasing execution. But how does it turn that way? Patterns need to have the presence of repetition, pattern, and rhythm.

Let us discuss briefly on the triad that results to a pattern.

  • Repetition. It refers to an object or shape that is being repeated in a constant distance or variations. A great example of repetition is the Gradient Diamond Pattern.
  • Pattern. Patterns represent natural elements and even tradition. The use of colors in patterns may differ in meaning and in cultures. On the technical side, patterns are a mixture of elements and shapes. It is presented in a repeating and constant arrangement. Patterns are widely used as decoration, clothing, digital art, and as said earlier, home decoration. For example, the Diamond Shape Pattern. The colors and shapes are in constant spacing in between elements.
  • Rhythm is somehow similar to the pattern. It does incorporate the same elements which are repeated but has slight variations in the pattern. It is more festive and complex but still releases subtlety. Let us use the Diamond Pattern Background as an example. It is formed in a window-window composition but then the varying shapes create movement.

To sum it all up, our list of abstract pattern designs incorporates the triumvirate of what makes a pattern, a pattern but zanier in color schemes.

Abstract Diamond Pattern


Diamond Shape Pattern


Diamond Vector Pattern


Gradient Diamond Pattern


Tileable Diamond Patterns

A Collection of Diamond Patterns

  • It is embedded in the pop culture that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But who say’s it should just be dominantly female? If your design project requires a precious gem, the Stone Diamond Pattern can turn your idea from a rough diamond into a fully-realized and polished work.
  • For a crafty take on an exquisite gem, the Abstract Diamond Pattern incorporates a small-scale rough texture and the geometric shapes are filled with fabric like texture. This pattern design is fully-editable and a colorful take on patterns.
  • Diamonds are beautiful in all its 360. Why not highlight those features in an intricate medium? The Diamond Vector Pattern just hits the checks for that. The patterns are dominantly outlined and are filled with a strong color compatibility. It denotes luxury and simplicity similar to the treasured gem.
  • While transparent diamonds are deemed pure, there are also a bunch of colorful set of diamonds to love. Diamonds may come in gray, red, blue, yellow and purple. These colored diamonds may have its impurities and defects, but it is still beautiful as its pure counterpart. To show you the beauty of colored diamonds, the Seamless Diamond Pattern perfectly represents such.

If you are looking for more patterns beyond diamonds, you may view our line pattern collection.

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