We’ve all been accustomed to the long, crooked and sinuous design of a zigzag pattern. It has been one of the recognizable patterns and has been used for its sharpness and constant movement. The zigzag pattern offers stability and strength as it alternates in its motion and it can adapt to different styles as its designed.

To give your design works a touch of zig and zag, browse below to get your hands on our list of nine arresting zigzag patterns that are helpful for design projects and for future references. You can also look through our heap of free pattern designs to get your creative juices flowing.

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Black and White Zig Zag Pattern


Colorful Zig Zag Pattern

Zig Zag Chevron Pattern


Seamless Zig Zag Pattern

Zig Zag Geometrical Pattern


Here’s are Some Cool Ideas

To help you get by with our list of long and sinuous zig zag patterns, we will break them down one by one for an easier selection.

If you want to go on a different take on zigzag patterns, the Seamless Zig Zag Pattern is the one you need. It has variations in its spacing but when you look closely, it’s just alternating its colors of black and white. The rows are the same lines but alternating in color. Now, this is perfect to use since it comes along with a seamless background.

For another take on zigzag patterns, the Zig Zag Geometrical Pattern varies in its line width and the fine lines are overlapping each other. On a different angle, it is portrayed in three-dimensional perspective and on the flip side, it does portray a vibrating sensation with its medium to fine lines.

For a more geometric and color blocking style on your zig zags, the Zig Zag Triangular Pattern is an amazing choice. It uses shades of blue and green for the color scheme and it is available in a high-resolution file format of 300 dpi.

If you are looking for patterns that are part of the geometric family, you may look through our list of chevron pattern designs to get you started.

High Quality Zig Zag Pattern


Zig Zag Background Pattern


Pastel Zig Zag Pattern

Zig Zag Triangular Pattern


Hand Drawn Zig Zag Pattern

There are More Zigzag Patterns in Store

If you are looking for a pattern that looks like it has been by hand, the Hand Drawn Zig Zag Pattern is a good choice. It gives off cuteness and even with its swirls on the inside, it is executed in a clean finish.

Another beauty of zigzag patterns is that it can have a variety of color options you can apply. For example, the Pastel Zig Zag Pattern offers pastel colors of soft pink, purple, tan, turquoise, and pure white. It is available in twenty-two different zigzag patterns which are two-toned or singular in color schemes.

Thick and bulky lines depict strengthened foundation and in this case, a strengthened serpentine shape. If you are looking for such, the Zig Zag Background Pattern is something to consider. It is perfect for a navy theme and lucky for you, it is compatible for web and print utilization having a 72 dpi and 300 dpi resolution, respectively.

The High Quality Zig Zag Pattern has long and steep alternating lines that will be perfect for any design projects. It is provided with an editable pattern for a user-centric experience. This zigzag pattern will be perfect for a vintage design theme that you can pair with retro patterns.

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