If you have one of those weird daily plate assignments for your freehand class and, for God knows what reason, you have to turn in three different sketches of a diamond (perhaps throw in some Abstract Drawings of one), then you are definitely gonna need some help with that. Before you close this tab or window, try sticking around awhile and scout a bit for some options.

With this collection of 9+ beautiful diamond drawings, you may have found the reference material you need! These diamond drawings come with different illustrations, drawn from different perspectives by different artists. They are available in a JPG format.

Diamond Sketch Pencil Drawing

Diamond Sketch Pencil Drawing

Diamond Ring Drawing

Diamond Ring Drawing


Diamond Tattoo Drawing

Diamond Tattoo Drawing


The Many Facets of Diamond Drawings

More than just a few Pencil Drawings and though not offering much in the way of the chosen subject matter (I mean, it’s obvious that they’re all diamonds and not much else is there), these diamond sketches still offer quite a variety; they come in different styles and are illustrated with various mediums and methods.

  • Precise, angled cuts

You’re probably already familiar with diamonds having to be refined and made presentable through cutting (also, the multiple facets on the gem help it to throw back sparkle, the kind that women cannot help but be drawn to). Where the diamond illustrations in this collection are concerned, you get three-dimensional ones, like “Cute Diamond Drawing” and “Blood Diamond Drawing.” There’s also the flat ones with more basic geometric shapes, like “Diamond Sketch Pencil Drawing” and “Colorful Diamond Drawing.”

  • Vague illustration

There are also ones wherein you can basically “cheat” to achieve the multi-faceted appearance of diamonds. In “Diamond Ring Drawing,” you can see that the artist drew a bunch of straight lines to mimic the look of a sparkly diamond.

  • Free interpretation, free form

Then you get a few unusual ones, like “Diamond Crystal Flower Drawing” and “Elephant Diamond Drawing,” which took me a long while to understand that it was in the shape of an elephant (I didn’t read the label beforehand, sorry).

Diamond Line Drawing

Diamond Line Drawing

Diamond Crystal Flower Drawing

Diamond Crystal Flower Drawing


How-To’s with These Diamond Drawings

Perhaps you won’t agree with me when I say that these diamond drawings, Love Drawings—pretty much all drawings in general have a purpose. And that’s okay. Which is why I’m here to enumerate those benefits.

  • Art inspiration

Like I said in the intro, you can use these diamond sketches as reference material for when you do decide to try your hand in drawing a couple or more yourself.

  • Design inspiration

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a logo design for a jewelry store, a tattoo design (I suggest “Diamond Tattoo Drawing” or an altered version of it), or a design for your next line of fancy gemstone rings and pendants . . . whatever the case, you will definitely find a handful of ideas in this collection of diamond drawings.

  • Display photo

Just picture a cleaned-up, better-quality version of “Elephant Diamond Drawing” inside a pristine white frame and on your working table inside your office. It provides a slight punch to the overall appearance of the space while not taking away from it with distracting décor.


But whatever you decide—download or not—just know that if you do decide to go with the former, you won’t regret it. So go ahead and check out those links, yeah?

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