In the days of digital art and electronic printing, it is difficult to find a substitute for watercolor, to create a surreal setting. Watercolor patterns are highly used by web designers to create wedding websites, event pages, and other such functions. Choose from some of the beautiful and colorful watercolor patterns given below and give wings to your creativity, Watercolor Blue Pattern

Free Watercolour Floral Pattern

Free Watercolor Floral Pattern

This design in free watercolor floral pattern reminds people of the beautiful spring season. Set on the backdrop of a white background, the image consists of flowers painted with a brush in bright colors.

Purple Watercolour Vintage Pattern

Purple Watercolor VintagePattern

This purple watercolor vintage pattern follows a seamless pattern of repetitive images. The background used for this pattern is purple and images of graphic flowers and ornamental decoration in the form of leaves are used throughout the template.

Watercolour Leaves Pattern

Watercolor Leaves Pattern

This sample of watercolor leaves pattern is designed on a black background with sketches of brightly colored leaves depicted all over the frame. The design in available in 4 different variations and the color and images can be changed as per requirements.

Download Watercolour Pattern For Free

Download Watercolor Pattern For free

This sample of watercolor pattern is available for free on the internet. This design has a total of more than 15 different patterns in one file. Some patterns are floral while others are geometric in design.

3 Diamond Watercolour Pattern

3 Diamond Watercolor Pattern

This sample of 3 diamond water color pattern follows a geometric pattern. The pattern is available in 4 distinct varieties and each variety is designed using a single color.

 3 Watercolour Pattern For Desktop

Watercolor Pattern For Desktop

This image of watercolor pattern for desktop has a simple design and mostly consists of diamond shapes images in a blue or white page drawn in pink. The diamonds follow a symmetrical pattern separated by double lines.

 Watercolour Nature Pattern

Beautiful Watercolor Nature Pattern

This sample of watercolor nature pattern has an interesting pattern. There are a total of 3 different designs. The first one is done using the images of a dancing frog; the second one has images of violet flowers while the third one has images of ice-cream cones.

Cherry Blossom Watercolour Patterns

Cherry Blossom Watercolor Patterns

This sample of cherry blossom watercolor patterns is again designed on a white background and is filled with images of the Japanese cherry blossom flowers on green vines. This pattern is ideal for fabric and textile printing.

Watercolour Vector Halloween Patterns

Watercolor Vector Halloween Patterns

This sample of watercolor in vector Halloween patterns has a triple color background namely orange, white, and blue. In the foreground, images of candies and hats are neatly placed on the template.

10 Pink Watercolour Photoshop Patterns

10 Pink Watercolor Photoshop Patterns

This image of 10 pink watercolor Photoshop patterns is a simple template that uses only the color pink. In each different layer, a brush is used to create random patterns.

16 Watercolour Patterns For Free

16 Watercolor Patterns

This sample of 16 watercolor patterns represents different objects painted in watercolor. Some patterns have images of food items; some have traditional patterns of flowers and birds while others follow geometric shapes.

Cool Watercolour Bird Pattern

Cool Watercolor Bird Patterns

This cool water color bird pattern is a beautifully designed pattern ideal for fabric printing. This pattern is designed on a white background with images of birds drawn on the background in different color and angles.

Elegant Watercolour Flowers Patterns

Elegant Watercolor Flowers Patterns

This sample of elegant watercolor flowers pattern is designed on a white background with cute images of little pink hearts and flowers painted all over the template. This template is ideal for fabric printing purposes or for designing Valentine’s Day gifts and cards.

Mixed Watercolour Seamless Patterns

Mixed Watercolor Seamless Patterns

This template of mixed water color seamless pattern has a picture resolution of 674*520 pixels. Various types of images are used to design this template like a cycle, a camera, and likewise items.

Fantastic Watercolour Butterfly Pattern

Fantastic Watercolor Butterfly Pattern

This template of fantastic watercolor butterfly pattern is a very striking template that has images of butterflies in blue and yellow shades printed all over the white background. This sample can be used as a wallpaper for any digital devices.

The natural and beautiful appeal of watercolor is hard to beat. They are simple and yet very bright in nature and have a huge effect on the overall appeal of the poster or design. Choose from one of above samples and create a design that would keep everybody talking.

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