Pixel-by-pixel painting is a very tiring job; this is your time to use classy templates for adding seamless stripes and textures to your digital designs. Unleash your personal style as a designer with the free download stripe patterns available right here. You can use them directly in your CSS file or include these patterns in Photoshop. Stripe colour, background style, shadow, stripe size, spacing, stripe orientation are some of the other design aspects you need to keep in mind while experimenting with stripe pattern based complex designs.

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30 Free Stripes Patterns for Photoshop and Gimp

free stripes photoshop patterns

Beautiful Seamless Stripes Pattern

beautiful seamless stripe pattern

Stripped and Dotted Halloween Pattern Free Vector

stripped and dotted halloween patterns

5+ Ultimate Gift Seamless Stripes Patterns Pack

free seamless stripe patterns

9 Free Blue Photoshop Stripes Pattern Set


Significance of stripe pattern

Having access to the right stripe patterns when you plan to create new designs is important, and this where the free vector photoshop patterns can be really helpful. They do really well as backgrounds in web design especially when you need to fill the space without the use of strong and block colours. While choosing a pattern for a specific design, direction may also play an important role, for instance, diagonal stripes and vertical stripes make the presentation look totally different, depicting two different school of style.

Victorian Stripes Pattern

Victorian Stripes Patterns

30 Free Photoshop Stripped Patterns



Japanese Style Stripe Pattern


Free Vector Stripes Patterns

free vector stripes pattern

Striped Free Vector Vintage Decoration Pattern


Vertical Stripe Patterns

vertical stripe pattern

30 Free Grunge Stripes Patterns

grunge stripes pattern for photoshop

Why use stripe generators

StripeMania, Stripe Generator 2.0, Patternify, are some of the excellent stripe generators which can make your work easy than ever before. You can choose from the stripe orientations, and the other necessary factors suitable for the product presentation. Experiment with these generators, as well as readymade stripe patterns. Designers can even choose pre-designed patterns to trace the chosen colours over from Photoshop, so more complicated and intricate patterns are also possible. The stripe patterns can be downloaded in PAT file format right from the browser, which means you can save time and energy while designing.

70 Retro Stripes Patterns


Beautiful Decoration Stripe Pattern

beautiful decoration stripes pattern

13 Free Photoshop Stripes Pattern

free stripe-patterns-for-photoshop

12 Colorful Tileable Grunge Photoshop Patterns


Rich and Colorful Seamless Stripes Patterns Set

bourbon_stripes photoshop_pattern_set

Wavy Photoshop Stripes Pattern

free photoshop stripes pattern

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