Because of the more advanced cameras that companies have been churning out in recent years, coming up with your own Portrait Photography projects have become more rampant. And now, because of the popularity of social media (some people just can’t do without Facebook and Instagram anymore) more and more people are joining the self-portrait bandwagon.

If you’re new to this gig or even if you’ve been taking selfies for years and just want to experiment a little more, scroll down and take a look at our collection of self-portrait photography. Get some ideas on composition, poses and a lot more.

Abstract Self-Portrait Photography

Abstract Self Portrait Photography


Black and White Self-Portrait Photography

Black and White Self Portrait Photography


Mirror Self-Portrait Photography

Mirror Self Portrait Photography


Famous Self-Portrait Photography

Famous Self Portrait Photography


 Ideas for Self-Portrait Photography

  • Conceptual

Digital Photography has come very far in terms of both technology and the techniques that people are applying to their shots. Take advantage of this progress and let your left brain go wild with fantastical ideas for self-portraits. Work your Photoshop magic and do something like “Abstract Self-Portrait Photography”, “Creative Self-Portrait Photography” and “Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography”.

  • Funny

Let loose and drop that drab no-nonsense persona you have perfected for the workplace. Have a little fun and show the world that you can be just as wacky and interesting as you are reliable. Practice the craziest face you can pull off and throw in a bit of Photoshop enhancements to exaggerate your expressions.

  • Fashion

Show off your outfit of the day with some do-it-yourself fashion photography. Play around with mirrors and maybe even a bit of paint to complement your apparel.

  • On the Go

Take your camera places. Go on a hike up a mountain trail, go shopping, or even just go out and take a walk around your neighborhood. Find a picturesque spot and go crazy with those selfies. Just remember, however, that safety takes priority. Pay attention to your surroundings before you start taking those pictures.


For more ideas you can use for your photography project, head over to Abstract Photography and check out our list.

Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography

Conceptual Self Portrait Photography


Fashion Self-Portrait Photography

Fashion Self Portrait Photography

Funny Self-Portrait Photography

Funny Self Portrait Photography


Girl Self-Portrait Photography

Girl Self Portrait photography

Key Elements of Self-Portrait Photography

  • Equipment

Get your hands on a tripod so you can have a wider range of selfies. (I mean do you really want all your pictures to feature your arm in the foreground?) It’s also good to get some artificial lighting for those indoor shots. Also, for easier positioning and more control over the shots, find something that will allow you to control your camera remotely.

  • Facial Expressions

You don’t want to tell the world that you’re a boring old coot now, do you? Put some emotion on your face. Don’t be afraid to scrunch up your facial features to portray whatever mood you’re in. Practice your expressions beforehand and get it just right so that you can take photographs that are full of life.

  • Background

When I say background, I don’t just mean what’s standing right behind you (though it’s a good thing to check for spiders since you don’t want to get a nasty surprise right after your photo op). Take the environment into consideration as well. What do you have lying around at home? What’s the weather like? All these can help you come up with ideas to go about your shoot. Build your self-portrait around your environment and use them to come up with amazing pictures.


When you’re done taking your self-portraits and want to do something with the family, get a few ideas from our Kids Portrait Photography listing.

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