There are many ways to get creative with your personalized sticker collection. It can be used to convey a serious, motivational or funny message depicting your mood or personality in general. If you happen to be more in tune with the funny side, then this is going to be good news for you because this article will show you 10 of our crazy and funny sticker collection that you can choose from.

These printable files are available in  PSD, Vector EPS, and JPG formats. You also may want to check our separate list of Laptop Stickers which offer equally entertaining stickers as well.

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Funny Bumper Sticker


Funny Cartoon Sticker


Funny Angry Birds Sticker


Funny Animal Stickers


Funny Helmet Sticker

All Shapes, Types, and Sizes

  • Funny and Green – If you’re looking for an adult appropriate statement bumper sticker, then check out the “Funny Bumper Sticker” and “Funny Car Sticker”. It will surely make those who understand it laugh or grin.
  • For the Kids Too – Funny cartoons are fun to decorate on a laptop or phone case if you will. Refer to the “Funny Cartoon Sticker” and share it with the kids too. They’ll love it for sure!
  • Funny Character Mix – Imagine Spongebob and Patrick in an angry bird body–oh wait! You don’t have to. You can see it for yourself in the “Funny Angry Birds Sticker”. There’s no way for a person not to laugh or smile seeing this funny version of those characters.
  • Funny Comic Character – The comic type sticker like the “Funny Animal Stickers” is also a funny item to consider. You can place that on the back of your laptop or other gadgets you have.
  • Pet Stickers – If you have pets at home and you want to take your level of adornment for them on a cartoon image reminder to place on your laptop, bumper, or gadget, then choose from any of the creatively made “Funny Dog and Cat Stickers”.

Funny Cartoon Bird Stickers

The Benefits You Get

  • Protection from Damage – Stickers can’t be underestimated. Though you may perceive it as something that’s just a plain decorative treat, these have other functions too. They can provide some protection for your gadget. Because it partly covers the surface, that means it can serve as protection from stains, scratches and even dents.
  • Marketing Tool – Another powerful marketing tool is sticker advertising. You can print a clever line or something that will raise curiosity to the reader with your company logo or in connection with your business that’s easy to remember as well. This way of advertising is a great road to take for those unreachable people to be informed as well.
  • Entertainment – It is obviously entertaining. You can choose a clever line that’s either funny, motivational or one that serves as a warning. It can either be in plain text or with a character illustration. Choose the right sticker that you like, one that you feel is worth sharing with others as well.

Have you finally chosen a sticker design from the choices we laid out for you? If you have, then share the entertainment and laughter by saving them, printing them out and sticking them wherever you very well please.

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