At some point in our lives, we are gonna need to get our hands on a handful of elephant clip arts. Students may need them for a very particular sort of project or homework (the teacher could be currently discussing the biology of elephants or has a weird thing for them; we’ll never know). The rest of the human population could need them for some personal crafts project. The list goes on, really.

Good thing for you, you’ve landed on just the right page at just the right time. Check out this collection of 9+ cute elephant clip arts for your design needs and more! These Free Clip Art Images of elephants are available in PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. formats.

Baby Elephant Clip Art

Baby Elephant Clip Art


White Elephant Clip Art

White Elephant Clip Art


Different Looks for Elephant Clip Arts

It’s as plain as day in this collection of elephant clip arts that there’s quite an array of designs you can choose from (of course, if amphibians were more your thing, here’s a collection of Frog Cliparts you can peruse instead).

  • Cute Cartoons

Because cartoons can range from adorable to radical, artists can afford more artistic liberties and can stretch the boundaries of their individual art style and direction. See the following for the variety in this category alone: “Baby Elephant Clip Art,” “Cartoon Elephant Clip Art,” “Funny Elephant Clip Art,” “Dancing Elephant Clip Art,” and “Circus Elephant Clip Art.”

  • Outrageous Outlines

With outlines, you get the same thing as the previous but sans the color, as seen in “White Elephant Clip Art” and “Elephant Outline Clip Art.”

  • Minimalist and Marvelous

“Baby Shower Elephant Clip Art” gives a whole new definition to the word minimalist. Though literally small and without much detail as the rest, it can’t be knocked for its aesthetics and quality.

  • Full Face

As for this one, think Cute Cartoons but without the rest of the body. Have a look-see at “Elephant Face Clip Art.”

  • Stellar Silhouette

Unlike the rest in this collection that pile on the detail work of the eyes, the wrinkles on the trunk, etc., “Elephant Silhouette Clip Art” relies on the form of this great creature.

Elephant Silhouette Clip Art

Elephant Silhouette Clip Art


Elephant Outline Clip Art

Elephant Outline Clip Art


Dancing Elephant Clip Art

Dance Elephant Clip Art


Circus Elephant Clip Art

Circus Elephant Clip Art


Elephant Clip Art How-To’s

Considering the wide range of designs made available for you in this collection of elephant clip arts, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already thought of various uses for each elephant image. (Oh, by the way, here are some Octopus Clip Arts if you prefer tentacles over a trunk.) A few of those may be the following:

  • EleFUNt Cutouts

You can download any single one of these, print them out, and they’d do the job to adorn your elephant exhibit, liven up your animal chart, create a fun space for new mementos to be stuck onto your scrapbook. “Baby Elephant Clip Art” and “Cartoon Elephant Clip Art” could do well in a kindergarten classroom.

  • DIY Sticker Set

Because you can never have too many stickers, check out “Baby Shower Elephant Clip Art.” From there, it’s pretty straightforward: download, shove sticker paper into printer, print, and get sticker happy!

  • Instant Coloring Page

Again, this is as straightforward as the previous. Download “White Elephant Clip Art” or “Elephant Outline Clip Art” (or both) and print. You can go the extra mile of compiling this with a few others for a DIY coloring book!


List of options and suggestions for application, covered. Now all you need to do is download!

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