Feel like your car’s rear end looks a bit drab, like it’s missing something? Or do you just want a more cost-effective, more convenient way to advertise your services? Do you also not have the time to make one for yourself?

Well, look no further ’cause we got you covered! With our amazing collection of these free bumper stickers, you don’t have to worry any longer! We have a considerable assortment, and they come in PSD and AI Illustrator formats. The best part? They can be resized and customized to your liking, and they’re all up for download! (For those who of you who are primarily concerned about your laptops, check out these

(For those who of you who are primarily concerned about your laptops, check out these Laptop Stickers instead!)

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Free Funny Bumper Sticker


Free Bumper Sticker Ideas


Free Bumper Sticker


Bump It Up

Bumper stickers have been circulating—produced and used—since the 1940s after one man by the name of Forest P. Gill started using adhesives to stick his silkscreen prints onto his vehicle. Through the years, bumper stickers have developed several uses, as you can clearly see in our collection of bumper stickers here.

  • Advertisements

Using bumper stickers to put the word out on your stellar cleaning services or your friend’s warm, delicious baked goods (perhaps a little “Best brownies in town!” will suffice) is much less costly as renting an ad space, paying for airtime, or even buying out a tiny section in your local newspaper’s classifieds. Plus, you can get as creative as you want. Go for the funny route like in “Free Funny Bumper Sticker.”

  • Get Political

Want to promote a particular candidate (and maybe subliminally get strangers to vote for them too)? Well, with a little something like “Free Political Bumper Sticker,” you can.

  • PSA (Public Service Announcement)

As a pat on your back, an additional social responsibility point in your favor, you can use bumper stickers for an ad campaign. For instance, the “Free Car Bumper Sticker.”

  • Self-Expression

Because social media platforms aren’t enough avenues for your musings, go ahead and stick something like the “Free Personalized Bumper Sticker” onto the rear end of your vehicle.

Free Personalized Bumper Sticker


Free Adobe Bumper Sticker


Free Car Bumper Sticker


Free Unique Bumper Sticker


Free Vintage Bumper Stickers


Who Can “Bump It Up”?

To get a bit more particular and in connection with the previous subsection, let me detail who can find uses for these bumper stickers (hint: ideally, everyone with a car; but if you don’t own one but still want a bumper sticker, no one’s stopping you really).

  • Advertisers, Entrepreneurs

If you’re one of those with a small business, maybe a mom-and-pop donut shop, you don’t exactly have the budget to blow on millions of print ads, full-minute radio or television ads and, much less, on billboard ads. A good starting investment point would be these bumper stickers. Just make a few adjustments to the designs, shell out some cash to get the actual sticker done, and you’re golden!

  • Campaign organizers, supporters

We can all get quite passionate when we find that one political candidate whose views and goals align with our own, and who, we think, can really make some improvements to the community. To show your support, bump it up!

  • Concerned citizens

Especially where driving and road safety is concerned, it’s good to have that little reminder to share with everyone.

  • You

Freedom of expression is a right. Use it…with these bumper stickers.


So what are you waiting for? Download now!

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