We are living in the world where everyone is stuck with wanderlust. And why shouldn’t they be? We live in a beautiful world. Yes, we do. And when you are traveling so often these days, it makes perfect sense for you to personalize your trip, starting from the luggage you take with you. We are not going to tell you what bag to take, but you will want to put in your details in that luggage. Either you can look at some Free Tag Designs, or you could scroll through this collection of unique luggage tag designs.

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Vintage Luggage Tags

You can change your Luggage Tags for every trip you take and place an image relevant to the place you are visiting using these vintage luggage tag designs that you can download as a free vector.

Printable Luggage Tag Designs

Check out the work of Aaron Eiland that showcases old but crisp designs for luggage tags. The designs are available for multiple tags that you can even use as a reference for creating your original designs.You may also see Hang Tags.

Plastic Luggage Tag

Moving over from paper tag designs to this one which shows the paper bit stuck to the plastic PVC element for a more permanent luggage tag that usually comes with the luggage bag itself.

Luggage Diaper Tag Designs

Have a look at this premium pack for some amazing professional designs for not just luggage tags, but also price and label tags. You can download the design as editable PSD files from the given link.

Airlines Luggage Tags

Here is another collection of premium tag designs that contains a total of 15 different vintage airlines luggage tag available to you as vector illustrations with editable text and overall design.

Vector Luggage Tag Designs

Here is another collection of realistic vintage designs of luggage tags inside a leather case that you can download as a high-quality stock vector illustration for free for your personal and commercial use.

Customizable Vector Luggage Tag

Adding to the range of vintage luggage tags is this premium collection of similar such designs that you can download as editable vectors set in different file formats depending on your proficiency.You may also see Name Tags.

Retro Luggage Tag

Here is another collection of retro luggage tags for your travel bag that you can download as a stock vector illustration. Depending upon your choice of material for the print, you can have different durability.

Blank Luggage Tag Designs

Here are tag designs that contain blank space with proper notation and alignment for your contact information and other details. Download this stock vector illustration from the below-mentioned link.

Empty Luggage Tag Design

In case you are looking for just the basic structure of the luggage tag designs with blank space for you to fill in the design yourself then do have a look at this premium pack that you can use as a reference design.

Personalized Luggage Tag Design

In the link provided below, you can put in your details and in just a few clicks of the mouse button have a personalized luggage tag for yourself that you get it posted to your home address.

Printable Luggage Tag

Here is a free vector illustration comprising of multiple luggage tag designs that you can download and isolate from the main design to use each of the designs separately. Click on the link below to know more about them.

Leather Luggage Tag Design

Here is another tag design that you can get personalized and order online for yourself. The design will be printed on a metal tag which will be screwed to the leather case that gives it a great high-end look.

Rubber Luggage Tag Design

Use of rubber or PVC or metal is highly recommended in case you are working with permanent luggage tags. And here is a great design mockup of a rubber luggage tag with the design of Disney’s Mickey on top.

Unique Luggage Tag

Not just names, but also your favorite quotations can be placed on the luggage tag which will go places with you. You can either use this as a reference to create your own or just place in your details to let the website create one for you.

3D Luggage Tag


Collection of Luggage Tags


Handmade Luggage Tag Designs


Colorful Luggage Tags


Duck Tape Luggage Tags


How to use these “Luggage Tag Designs”?

This section of text is for those who are not really sure what they have to do to create their personalized luggage tag. Well, first thing is to make sure you have downloaded the design that you think you would want for your luggage tag. After that, you will need an editing tool. And for that, your safest bet would be to find an online editing tool for that where you can upload your design to work on.

In the tool, you can do some basic changes and also add in your details, like your name, phone number, email and permanent address or such so as to make it a permanent deal. And the next and final step would be for you to take it your local printing guy and decide upon the choice of paper for the final print.You may also see Gift Tags.

This collection of luggage tag designs is quite an excellent collection with regards to the design quality. You can not only create tags for yourself and your friends but also pitch it to bigger brands that actually produce the various luggage bags and the tag to go with it. And it will take you just minutes of easy work.

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