Bricks are strong concrete materials used to build structures such as houses and buildings. It used to be seen that way, but these days they are considered more decorative than functional. The raw look of it is used as interior design concepts for restaurants, boutiques, cafes and even in the digital world. This texture definitely has a charming feel to it. It’s no surprise why some people choose to incorporate this in their design. If you are one of those who are looking for this specifically, then wait no more because you’ve reached the ultimate source.

These items are in PSD and Vector EPS formats for easy editing and/or printing. So don’t leave without downloading your pick. You can also check for more options with our Photoshop Textures listing.

Old Brick Wall Texture

Old Brick Wall Texture

Photoshop Brick Wall Texture

Photoshop Brick Wall Texture

White Painted Brick Wall Texture

White Painted Brick Wall Texture

Red Brick Wall Texture

Red Brick Wall Texture

Grungy Brick Wall Texture

Grungy Brick Wall Texture


Finding Comfort With Bricks

Majority of us would agree that there is something charming and soothing feel that these Brick Textures bring. Maybe it’s because we associate it to our homes that protects us from harsh temperatures and predator attacks. It’s no surprise why it works for different uses. Choose your own design wisely.

  • The Old Charm

If you love a vintage-looking brick texture, then go for the “Old Brick Wall Texture” and give a pinch of that old charm to your design.

  • Clean and Polished

A polished-looking texture such as our “Photoshop Brick Wall Texture” is the perfect contrast to a light text or character content.

  • The Minimalist

If you are the minimalist type then you’ll surely find the “White Painted Brick Wall Texture” charming for that blog you’re publishing .

  • Paint It Red

A red-painted brick is a good texture as well, it can be really striking and it can play as a good contrasting shade to light text. Play it well with the “Red Brick Wall Texture”.

  • Yellow Fellows

Maybe you want a color that pops out and just catches the eyes? Opt for the “Grungy Brick Wall Texture”. It is a fun and trendy texture and will definitely appeal to everybody’s taste.

Black and White Brick Wall Texture

Black and White Brick Wall Texture

Tileable Brick Wall Texture

Tileable Brick Wall Texture

Cracked Brick Wall Texture

Cracked Brick Wall Texture

Gray Brick Wall Texture

Gray Brick Wall Texture

Sprayed Brick Wall Texture

Sprayed Brick Wall Texture


More Features for Brick Wall Textures

There is always something more that you can do with these designs.

  • Wallpaper

You can use these textures to cover the walls of your room. The charming feel it gives will inspire you and make you feel cozy all the time. If you want to see a couple more textures that you can use as wallpaper, check out our Wall Textures listing.

  • Gift Wrapper

You can go beyond the norm of how gift wrappers are supposed to look. You can print your chosen texture and cover your present with it. The people who receive your gifts will appreciate it for sure, and might just copy that idea.

  • Blog

If you want to spruce up the feel of your blog, it won’t hurt to incorporate a background using one of our brick wall textures.


Have you made your pick? Did you enjoy what we have compiled? Aren’t they all lovely? If you find it to be so, then go right ahead and download them so you can start to use them however you want. Don’t forget to share them to your friends, they might love it as much as you did.

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