There’s something cryptic about a crumpled paper texture, do you agree? Despite it being a supposed piece of trash, it somewhat is appealing to the eyes– interesting, too (if you will). If you are on board with us, do stay and prepare your eyes for our unique Photoshop Textures listing.  You just might end up using these for all your design needs.

Prepare those hand muscles for some scrolls and download clicking! These downloadable files include PSD, Vector EPS Format. You can use them as an overlay to your web design, and or as a regular background. Easy to download, and apply.

Black Crumpled Paper Texture

Black Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Notebook Paper Texture

Crumpled Notebook Paper Texture

Seamless Crumpled Paper Texture

Seamless Crumpled Paper Texture


Ready At All Times

It pays to be prepared, or at least have a collection of textures ready in creative tool box . You will never know what the next project could be, and can I just mention– the deadline? It’s a daunting term, but we can alleviate the stress it causes by being ready. Do not wait for the close call.

Spice it Up

The uses for these textures can be unlimited– “Sky is the limit” as they say. Take a good look at every texture, as they should be able to suit the project you might be working on, or in the future.

  • Do you have some notes or pointers to write digitally? You can do that in an interesting way by giving it some kick with our “Soft Crumpled Paper Texture”, or “Crumpled White Paper Texture”.
  • Spice up your design with our “Black Crumpled Paper Texture”, “Seamless Crumpled Paper Texture”, or “Abstract Crumpled Paper Textures”. These are the best options to go for if you want to catch your viewer’s attention.
  • Do you want it to have a hint of vintage? Crumpled and vintage it is! Coming in hot, is our “Vintage Crumpled Paper Texture”, and “Crumpled Newspaper Texture”.

For further options, you can also check our Wrapping Paper Textures.

Crumpled Lined Paper Texture

Crumpled Lined Paper Texture

Crumpled White Paper Texture

Crumpled White Paper Texture

Vintage Crumpled Paper Texture

Vintage Crumpled Paper Texture

Abstract Crumpled Paper Textures

Abstract Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Newspaper Texture

Crumpled Newspaper Texture


Crumple Up

Textures are not to be underestimated. Your content may stand on its own, but the goal is to be able to keep your viewer’s attention at a stable pace. To do that, adding a visually stimulating element, such as interesting textures, can pave its way from boredom.

Level Up

Here is a list of  how you can maximize the use for these crumpled paper textures:

  • Web Design

“Textures” is no foreign word to web or graphic designers. In fact, keeping a collection of textures is somewhat a must for all designers who do everything digitally. Spice up your works, and add these unique textures (if you don’t have them yet), and show off your mad skills in design. You can expect a good feedback from your boss.

  • Personal Use

Ditch the old default plain white background on your grocery or to-do list, and replace it with these instead. You’ll surely want to keep on checking on it over and over again. It’s subtle, and appealing to the eyes.

  • Background Presentation

Does your work involve creating PowerPoint presentations? Then you can spice up those visuals with a good background. Opt for white, you’ll surely catch your audience’s attention.  

Did we cover everything you might need for that paper feel concept? Then, start downloading these textures, and take the bragging rights to pulling off a  good design presentation.

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