Copper is amongst the first and oldest metals known to man. Like any metal, copper too has qualities which make it useful as a metal and color as well. As you may already know, metal textures have a great role to play in the scheme of things as far as design is concerned. Thanks to ushering in of technology and the growth of web design, textures participation in design has surpassed expectations and this has impacted in a good way.

Download Copper Structure Texture

Download Copper Structure TextureDownload Button

Copper Foil Rich Texture

Copper Foil rich TextureDownload Button

Download 12 Rusted Copper Texture

Download 12 Rusted Copper TextureDownload Button

Old World Copper Texture

Old World Copper TextureDownload Button

 Copper Double Bubble Texture

Copper Double bubble TextureDownload Button

Speaking of textures, arguably metallic textures are exciting to work with. In this post however, we have picked on copper textures to talk about and share with you very interesting and useful copper textures. Take a look.

Rusty Copper Texture For You

Rusty Copper Texture For YouDownload Button

Shiney Copper Metal Texture

Shiney Copper Metal TextureDownload Button

Scratched Copper Texture For Free

Scratched Copper Texture For freeDownload Button

Beautiful Brushed Copper Texture

Beautiful Brushes Copper TextureDownload Button

Copper texture has a good reputation for bringing out a vintage feel in a design. Thanks to the color make of copper – faded shades to strong shades of all kinds of brown – copper textures are a designer’s delight. Furthermore, copper textures have a rustic appearance which plays well into incorporating the same effect into the design as well.

Elegant Copper Sponge Texture

Elegant Copper Sponge TextureDownload Button

Copper Ice Glass Texture

Copper Ice Glass TextureDownload Button

Bronze Copper Texture

Bronze Copper TextureDownload Button

Copper Texture On Building Front

Copper Texture On Building frontDownload Button

Metal Copper Paint Texture

Metal Copper PAint TextureDownload Button

Irrespective of what your design needs may be, if you’re looking to experiment with something, let it be copper texture. Using tools in Photoshop you can create wonderful avatars of the copper texture.

Distressed Scratched Copper Texture

Distressed Scratched Copper TextureDownload Button

Dark Red Copper Texture

Dark Red Copper TextureDownload Button

High Quality Copper Texture

High Quality Copper TextureDownload Button

Seamless Warm Copper Texture

Seamless Warm Copper TextureDownload Button

Circular Copper Texture

Circular Copper TextureDownload Button

If you need supply of ideas, we’d recommend you check out our collection of copper texture – free, downloadable, High Resolution and High quality. We have the latest set of copper texture you could use in all of your design projects!  

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