Apart from the normal paper type, the wrinkled tissue paper texture is the latest trend these days. This kind of paper gives your content a different look whether it is used for an invitation,  festive cards, craft making or for decorative purposes. These textures are available in a number of variants online and you can download them for free and easily use them as per the need. They are present in high resolution and are customizable and can be redesigned as per your choice.

5 Wrinkled Tissue Paper Textures

5 wrinkled Tissue Paper Textures

These are a set of 5 wrinkled tissue paper textures available in different colors like gray, green, red, and brown. These have a resolution of 3000×4100 pixels. Download them and use them as per your need.

Wrinkled Green Tissue Paper Texture

Wrinkled Green Tissue Paper Texture

This wrinkled paper texture is smooth. In spite of the wrinkles, the quality of the texture is high and also available in high resolution. The green color is very soothing and can be used for any purpose.

Tissue Paper Crumpled Texture

Tissue Paper Crumpled Texture

This texture is made up of having wrinkles arranged in a good manner which makes it different. The vibrant red color gives it a traditional and ethnic look.

Wrinkled White Tissue Paper Texture

Wrinkled White Tissue paper Texture

Wrinkled tissue paper texture in white color with a touch of silk makes it look premium. There are big wrinkle lines which suggest that these could be used for official purposes even.

Beige Tissue Paper Texture

Beige Tissue Paper texture

Set by Yvelle Design Eye, this tissue paper texture has some special quality as the wrinkles are not evenly spread rather concentrated more in the center. This look in beige color is perfect.

Decorative Tissue Paper Texture

decorative Tissue paper Texture

You can use this tissue paper texture for any purpose like get them printed for decoration or for gifting or keeping precious things. It is available in different sizes as small, medium, large.

Download 9 Crumpled Tissue Textures

Download 9 Crumpled Tissue paper Texture

Having this will give a good addition to your collection. This is available in a variety of earthy tones. It has got a beautiful color spectrum gradient. This has a high resolution too.

Wrinkled Tissue Paper Texture Background

Wrinkled Tissue paper Texture background

Apart from the regular wrinkled paper textures, this is something unique and will surely impress your client. There is a combination of pink and gray colors but you can customize it.

Orange Tissue Paper Texture

Orange Tissue paper Texture

Tissue papers are best for getting wrinkles as they give the best texture. This texture is in orange color and looks very refreshing and pleasant. Download it and use as per requirement.

Grey Tissue Paper Texture

Grey Tissue paper Texture

This is yet another creation from Yvelle Design Eye. Make a card or decorate by using this as the background. The high resolution will give you a perfect look.

Smooth Tissue Paper Texture

Smooth Tissue paper Texture

Unlike other textures, this one is different as it has not got lined wrinkles rather it has got circular impressions all over the area. This gives it a more professional look.

Download Wrinkled Tissue Paper Texture

Download Wrinkled Tissue paper Texture

A product of creativity 103.com, this type of wrinkled paper texture is made out of crumpled and creased tissue paper. It is a lightweight packing in a unique, green-tinted lime color.

Crumpled Tissue Paper Texture Free

Crumpled Tissue paper Texture Free

A tissue paper well crumpled and put to Photoshop is what it looks like. You can use it to put it as background for any content or for craft making as well.

Wrinkled Tissue Paper Texture

Wrinkled Tissue paper Texture

A tissue paper, well crushed two or three times gives this look after putting acrylic ink on it and getting it ironed. This texture can be used for impressing your clients.

5 Wrinkled Tissue Paper Textures

5 Wrinkled Tissue paper Texture Free

A variety of wrinkled tissue paper textures is available online to be used as per one’s need and choice. They are mostly in high-resolution format and will give you the best result once you download and use it. The pattern of wrinkles shows the effort behind the making and thus gives the best look.

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