Windows can be used as a palette for natural yet elegant designs. A frozen window or a frosty window looks mystical. The frost settles on the window, and when light or sunlight comes from outside, it becomes totally magical. The designer can easily add some logo or text to go with the frozen window. It could work thematically and also the texture can be used as a wallpaper for your smartphone, you may also see Ice Texture

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20 Frosted Window Texture

The set of 20 frosted window texture is quite elegant and alluring. The frosted windows produce a sense of peace and pleasure. The soft texture created by frost on the window can be quite scintillating. The frost, being a part of nature has been a preferred choice for many nature lovers. There are many forms and sizes of frost, and hence one can choose a perfect texture that fits your requirement.

4 Frosted Window Texture Pack

The four frosted window texture pack can be downloaded and edited in Photoshop. The smooth texture designs are fully free, and the designer can add their own design elements or text. The editing to the image with a beautiful quote can make it beautiful and a perfect texture for a computer as well a tablet and a smartphone.

Icing Window Texture


The icing window texture is unique and quite spectacular. The white frost settled on the window has formed a tantalizing design, which is natural and extra contrast can be added to the design with Photoshop. One can also change the shades and outlines a bit to give it a different look.

Winter Frost On Window

The frost on the window has settled, and the outside trees and greenery make an abstract pattern which is quite exhilarating.  Great collection of winter frost can also offer a different look to PC or smartphone, and hence many people love to have such a texture.

Frost Window Texture

The texture of the window looks like small leaves that have frozen on the surface. The spectacular design can be set as a wallpaper or background for a PC, a Mac or a smartphone. The frost on the leaves and the overall look of the season can fill one’s heart with a grand image. It is also one of the textures that are highly in demand.

Frosted Icy Glass Texture

The predominantly gray-toned icy texture which has formed on the glass is quite blurry and unclear. The light coming from outside makes an alluring pattern on the glass. The colors coming from the frost, as well as the glass, make it a unique texture and hence offer a great look to the screen.

Amazing Frosted Texture

The abstract frosted texture can be a calming influence. The frosted texture can be edited in Photoshop and can be set as background wallpaper for a PC or a laptop.

Frosted Window Texture

The frosted window textures are in PNG or JPEG formats for easy readability as well as an effortless editing. The textures are downloadable and can be edited easily.

Frosted Sand Window Texture

The texture has frosted sand, which forms small or minute particles, and these high-resolution images can be edited freely without any issue.

Cool Frosted Window Texture

The ice or frost formed on glass is shimmering because of the sunlight falling on the glass from outside. The light falling on the glass creates a picturesque effect, which can’t be recreated artificially. You can set this texture as background wallpaper for your phone.

Stunning Frosten Window Texture


Old Retro Frosted Glass Texture

White Frost Window Panel Texture

The frozen window textures are incomparable, and the light falling on the frozen window makes the frost look like pearl drops. The textures are free and can be edited in Photoshop to enhance or add to the frozen window backdrop. Any text in primary colors with italic fonts would look astounding. The frozen textures would also work well as desktop and tablet background wallpapers. It can be framed or put on walls or a study table.

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