Trees. What is it about scraggly tree barks that provoke amusement and creativity? Its repetitive rough curves and lines that speak of mystery and challenge, opening a magical idea that envelops our primal instinct. I won’t deprive you any more! Devour with your eyes these earthly  images that will surely satisfy your soul.

Unleash that creativity and imagination with these Tree Textures and Tree Ring Textures that will surely stimulate you. Be enticed, and don’t leave without selecting and saving your favorite textures– all collected and laid out for you to choose from, save or apply wherever and however you desire.

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Tree Bark Texture

Tree Wood Texture

Palm Tree Leaf Texture

Flat Tree Ring Texture


Hard Edge

These exceptionally beautiful textures are the defining ground for beauty. Which is by default, its edge! Every texture shows off a different visual appeal, making it one of a kind. Select or better yet, collect a couple or more of them.

Feel Through The Eyes

The high resolution will keep you in awe. The crispness of the quality will make you believe you’re actually touching it. That’s the beauty of a realistic quality image. Refer to the Tree Bark Texture or how about the Tree Wood Texture or maybe you fancy the look of the Old Wood Tree Bark or Birch Tree Texture? These are just some of the few from examples in this list.

For a Purpose

Amusing, seamless texture and pattern design is considered to be an invaluable asset for every graphic designer. Sure, there are a lot of pattern and texture designs out there  but sometimes, searching for the perfect texture for design takes up so much time. So, we have gathered a list of high quality Wood Textures for you to save you the hassle of searching!

Old Wood Tree Bark Texture

Birch Bark Tree Texture

Tree Texture for Photoshop

Hi-Resolution Tree Bark Texture


Download Tree Texture for Free


Time Saver

You can always go outside with a digital camera and take pictures of nature or every beautiful textured tree bark you can find. But, this is time consuming, requires a lot of effort, and of course wouldn’t be possible without a good quality camera, lens and perfect lighting. These ready to use or apply textures will save you all the hassle and expense. 

Defining the Layers of Its Usability

  • These images can be used in graphic designs for Photoshop art, 3D rendering, Web design, or just a regular background to your desktop. It offers a higher and crisper resolution and are available for personal or commercial use.
  • They are available in JPEG, PNG and PDF formats, commonly used formats.

Mediums for Printing

If you need to have these textures printed on a surface, bear in mind the scale and resolution first, as quality would depend on proper proportion and scaling.

  • Fabric – as fabric textile
  • Tarpaulin – for posters or banners
  • Any type of paper – for cards, posters or stickers

Make these your valuable assets to your design if you are a designer. For novices or enthusiasts, take a couple of these as your collection for backdrops. Ditch those old wallpapers, and replace them with these therapeutic beauties! After choosing what you like, you know what to do! download and save it!

Still need time think? while you’re on it, please feel free to check Free Textures as well for more options.

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