We can’t emphasize enough on how well the use of textures works when it comes to graphic design. Their usage can vary from being a simple artwork in one corner of the design, or can take up the entire background of your flyer or poster. Here are a few high-quality textures that you can scroll through and download.You may also see Water Textures.

These textures are inspired by nature and revolve around the theme of a water drop. Check them out here and there is a definite chance of you using them for your upcoming projects.You may also check Rain Textures.

Water Drops Dew Texture

Here is close up image of water drops that form because of the dew. This PNG download is actually a real picture of a chilled water bottle when putting out at room temperature. So in case you are planning to use such a texture, know that you can create your own too.

Water Droplets Blue City Texture

This download contains an image set in a resolution of 3888 x 2592 pixels. There is a certain uniformity to the water droplets that have been represented in this image on a blue background shade. Click on the link to download.

Metal Water Drop Texture

The water drops look different on different surfaces. Here is a texture of such water drops on a metal surface. Check out the link to download the full-size image of this free texture.

Seamless Water Drop Texture

Check out this digitally created water drop texture that is available to you as an editable premium vector illustration. This texture can be used on greeting cards and other surfaces to write the text on elegant novelty font.

10 Natural Water Drop Texture

If you want one single collection that does it for you then it has to be this set of 10 high-resolution water drop textures. Just looking at them will start popping ideas in your brain for your next project and client.

Blue Water Drops Background Texture

In this link, you will find a high-quality texture of water droplets on a blue background. The droplets size is not really big and because of that, it can make a perfect background for brochure pages or a scrapbook.

4 High Resolution Water Drops Textures

Here is another really elegant and classy collection of high-quality premium water drop textures. The four textures are available in different color shades, including a monochrome shade. The resolution of these textures is set at 5616 x 3744 pixels.

Fruit Pink Water Drop Texture

This texture of water drops is set on a pink background and is a fruit soda bottle. The stock photo is available in different sizes that have been optimized for web and print purposes. Check it out here.

Abstract Water Drop Texture Pack

This abstract nature-inspired texture can be downloaded from the mentioned link and be used as a background for writing notes and inspirational messages in brush script fonts to create a cool minimal poster.

Cool Water Drop Texture Design

This is another digitally created texture of scattered water droplets that you can look at to see how to create your own texture.

Rain Drop Editable Texture

Water Drops Background Texture

Gradient Water Drops Vector Texture

PSD Water Drops Background Texture

Grungy Water Drop Surface Texture

Illuminated Flake Water Drop Texture

Water Drop Rain Texture

Photorealistic Water Drop texture

Overlay Water Drop Texture

Floral Water Droplets Texture

Fantastic Abstract Circles Texture

Most of these designs are of numerous droplets scattered over a surface. The uses of these textures have already been mentioned in the article. These textures are not to be just downloaded and used, but also for inspiring other designs. You can design a single water droplet and use it for an environment protection cause flyer.

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