Colors never fail to mesmerize us. Colors kindle the creativity of innovative minds making things bright and heartwarming. When colors get mingled with each other, they form Free Textures that are stunningly amazing. Free textures are available for people to download free of cost. Free watercolor backgrounds and watercolor texture photoshop offers such colorful textures which can be used as banners and backgrounds serving various purposes. These watercolor textures can be used for personal as well as official purposes

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10 Watercolor Circle Textures

10 watercolor Circle textures are handmade designs that are simple to look but colorful and attractive. These Watercolor Background Textures can be downloaded and used as logos and artistic designs

Watercolor Texture In Red & Cyan

Watercolor Textures in red and cyan is a texture created using Red and Cyan watercolors. These watercolor textures can be used for kinder garden and school projects by children

High-Resolution Watercolor Textures

High-Resolution Watercolor Texture is a set of vertical textures created using water colors. These textures are in high resolution and can be used as backgrounds for personal purposes. You may also see Waterdrop Textures.

Watercolor Texture Photoshop

Watercolor Texture Photoshop is astonishing formats that have watercolors in the amazing mix as borders of pages. These can be downloaded and used by users for personalizing with their content in the middle.

Colorful Watercolor Texture Kit

Colorful Watercolor Texture Kit is a complete set of five watercolor textures in high-resolution format. These textures are basically handmade and separately edited after digitalizing the same

Watercolor Paper Texture

Watercolor Paper Texture is an absolutely mind boggling texture that has been created using watercolors. The paper texture can be used as a background for multiple purposes by users.

Watercolor Splatter Texture

Watercolor Splatter Textures is a set of six textures created by using watercolors that look to have been splattered on a white background. These textures can be used for artistic purposes.

Watercolor Background Texture

Watercolor Background Texture is handmade textures watercolor backgrounds created using bright colors. These backgrounds can be used for multiple purposes as deemed fit by users.

Light & Grey Watercolor Texture

Light & Grey Watercolor Texture is a mild texture that has been created using light gray and white background. This texture is best used for displaying dark images in the foreground.

Grungy Watercolor Splash Texture

Grungy Watercolor Splash Texture is absolutely stunning textures which look like the watercolors have been splashed in a grungy manner. These textures can be used in an artistic manner.

Abstract Watercolor Pink Texture

Abstract Watercolor Pink Texture is an astoundingly designed texture that has been created using watercolors. The abstract looks that are displayed add value to the watercolor texture.

Photoshop Free Watercolor Texture

Photoshop Free watercolor texture is an absolute mix of Red, Yellow and Pink shades. The gelling of these color shades have been captured is such a picturesque manner that the final output is mesmerizing.

Grunge Watercolor Paint Texture

Grunge Watercolor Paint Texture is a set of six textures that have been created in a professional manner using watercolors. These can be used as backgrounds for banners and much more

Purple Watercolor Texture

Purple Watercolor Texture is a heartwarming powerful watercolor texture that has been created in absolute purple shades. This can be used as a bright background to displays words in light background

Downloadable Watercolor Texture Pack

Downloadable Watercolor Textures Pack is a pack of 4 amazing backgrounds that has been created in high-resolution. These textures can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Frost Watercolor Texture

Watercolor Messy Texture


Watercolor Stars Texture


Colorful Watercolor Paint Texture


PSD Watercolor Background & Texture


How to use these “Watercolor Textures”?

Watercolor textures have been created in high-resolution using watercolors. These textures can be used to decorate the walls of homes as well as the venues where events happen regularly. These watercolor textures create such awe in the onlookers that they tend to use them for various purposes that are both personal and commercial in nature. Water Color Textures can be used as logos amidst the many other uses. These textures can be used as banners displaying light colored words in a bright manner. Water Color textures can also be used for school and college projects as well as power point presentations.

Browse through the many kinds of textures created using water Download watercolor textures easily. They can use these stunning watercolor textures for multiple purposes that they deem fit. These watercolor textures unleash the creativity of the users by offering them the best possible color combinations. You may also see Watercolor Paper Textures.

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