The word fire could be taken in different contexts, thereby meaning something else entirely every time. That in “A fire within me has consumed the whole of my being” will, of course, differ from that in “Aaaaah! The house is on fire!” But even so, if you take away the context and leave the word by itself, people’s go-to definition would be (as per Merriam-Webster) “the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat.”

On that note, it’s no wonder why this collection of fire clip arts only contains imagery having to do with the aforementioned meaning. Also, just in case you’re wondering, these Free Clip Art Images are available in JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP, SVG, etc. formats.

Fire Truck Clip Art

Fire Truck Clipart


Fire Accessories Clip Art

Fire Accessories Clipart


Black and White Fire Clip Art

Black and White Fire Clipart


Camp Fire Clip Art

Camp Fire Clipart


Cartoon Fire Fox Clip Art

Cartoon Fire Fox Clipart


Fire Clip Arts 5 Ways

You can clearly see in this collection of fire clip arts that there’s still a varied range of designs available here, y’know, despite the limitations with this subject matter. Having grouped these fire illustrations into five different categories surely must count for something! (Try to look at these Cartoon Clip Arts and Sun Clip Arts instead if none will spark your attention.)

  • Extinguishers, Equipment, Etc. – Because fire can be such a pesky thing and eats up all that it catches onto, it can be hard to keep a lid on it. So to control the situation, there is a need to bring in the big guns, which you’ll see in the following: “Fire Truck Clip Art,” “Fire Accessories Clip Art,” “Animated Fire Man Clip Art,” and “Fire Station Clip Art.”
  • Black and White – See how strangely “lifeless” a fire is without any stitch of color in “Black and White Fire Clipart.”
  • It Is What It Is – In a more straightforward take, you get fire—for what it is, no embellishments—in “Camp Fire Clip Art” and “Fire Flames Clip Art.” A quirkier take would be seen in the seemingly character-filled “Free Fire Clip Art.”
  • Fiery Logo – If you’ve surfed the interwebs already, I bet “Cartoon Fire Fox Clip Art” will be really familiar to you.
  • Fireplace – Perhaps your favorite area in the winter is the fireplace, as seen in “House Fire Clip Art.”

Fire Flames Clip Art

Fire Flames Clipart


Animated Fire Man Clip Art

Animated Fire Man Clipart


Fire Station Clip Art

Fire Station Clipart


Free Fire Clip Art

Free Fire Clipart


Fire Clip Art How-To’s

Considering that this collection of fire clip arts has a number of options where designs are concerned, it’s practically a given that they can be used a number of different ways. (And just for the fun of it, why not try to see which ones would suit which of these Free Clip Art Borders?)

  • Editable Fire Vectors – If you’re a busy graphic designer or illustrator or graphic design student, you have plenty other things to worry about on top of your projects and plates. You can’t have all the time in the world to make every single detail from scratch. But with a few editable, scalable vectors, you have not only great-quality images but also time and energy savers.
  • Featured Images – Prepping a presentation on fire prevention and safety? You can use any one of these fire images and incorporate them into your presentation.
  • Art Inspiration – Take a few notes from “Camp Fire Clip Art,” and layer a translucent white flame vector underneath one with a yellow-orange gradient to produce a more realistic fiery effect.

Now that, that little discussion is taken care of, you can download a number of fire clip arts, and you’ll be set for plenty of future projects!

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