Wallpapers are a great cover for boring gadgets as they add their own unique style to the screen. And the best part is that you can change them according to your mood. For people who like subtle embellishment for their devices, pastel colorful wallpapers are a good option. Pastel colours are a hue that has been a hot favourite in any season, winning the hearts of females. It has a great visual appeal as it appears soothing to the eyes.

Soft Pastels Wallpaper

Soft Pastels WallpaperSource

Abstract Nocturnal Pastels Wallpaper

Abstract Nocturnal Pastels WallpaperSource

Pastel Pink Flower Wallpaper

Pastel Pink flower WallpaperSource

Horizon Pastel Coast Wallpaper

Horizon Pastel Coast WallpaperSource

Abstract Blue Digital Pastel Wallpaper

Abstract Blue Digital Pastel WallpaperSource

Download Pastel HD Wallpaper

Download Pastel HD WallpaperSource

Using wallpaper that has charming shades of mint green, mauve, lemon yellow, turquoise, light pink, sky blue etc. will look amazing.  The sombre shades of the wallpaper will remind you of springtime and summers. You can use HD pastel wallpapers that would have an amazing quality and make your screen look majestic. Widescreen features designs in pastel colours so you can use these as well.

Pastel Colors Wallpaper For Free

Pastel Colors Wallpaper For FreeSource

Pastel Wallpaper For Summer

Pastel Wallpaper For SummerSource

Pastel Easter Eggs Wallpaper

Pastel Easter Eggs WallpaperSource

Pink Flower Orchid Wallpaper

Pink Flower Orchid WallpaperSource

Hearts In Pastel Wallpaper

Hearts In Pastel WallpaperSource

Pastel Sand Beach Wallpaper

Pastel Sand Beach WallpaperSource

A few pastel wallpapers have floral patterns in dreamy pastel hues which is an instant hit among females.  These wallpapers have gained prominence in the contemporary era where people prefer to have backgrounds that make them feel lighter.

Nature Lavender Pastel Wallpaper

Nature Lavender Pastel WallpaperSource

Pastel HD Widescreen Wallpaper

Pastel HD Widescreen WallpaperSource

Gorgeous Cityscape In Pastel Colors

Gorgeous Cityscape In Pastel ColorsSource

Dancing Into Springtime Pastel Wallpaper

Dancing Into Springtime Pastel WallpaperSource

Nature Flower Drops Pastel Wallpaper

Nature Flower Drops Pastel WallpaperSource

The beauty about these wallpapers is their low chromatic content which doesn’t come too strong on the eyes.You can download high quality pastel wallpapers for free from the internet.

Pastel Squares Wallpaper

Pastel Squares WallpaperSource

Pastel Blossom Petal Wallpaper

Pastel Blossom Petal WallpaperSource

Sunset Dreaming Pastel Wallpaper

Sunset Dreaming Pastel WallpaperSource

Abstract Bubbles Pastel Wallpaper

Abstract bubbles Pastel WallpaperSource

Sparkling Pastel Grunge Wallpaper

Sparkling Pastel Grunge WallpaperSource

You can use these wonderful wallpapers as backgrounds for your artworks as well. Using pastel wallpapers with soothing shades on your desktop screen is a great way of transporting yourself to a distant, pleasant world.  

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