Have you already said thank you to the people who love and care about you? For someone who usually spend most of his or her time chit chatting with you? The person who opens the door for you every time you have your hand full? The people who keep you company most especially during the hardest times of your life? The person who picks you up whenever you stumble down? The person who showed you the way when you seemed to be lost?

There are lots of reasons to say thank you to random people who have helped you. And there are various ways to show your appreciation as well. From all the kindness that random people have shown and all the things they have done for you, one way to let them know that you highly appreciate them is by making a personalized thank you card in your own way and style.

Chalkboard Calligraphy Style

Elegant Thank You Card

Elegant Thank You Card

Creative Ideas and Ways To Say Thank You

Here are few more ideas and ways to say thank you in a creative way.

  • DIY Gift Ideas: You could make any personalized items such as bags, scrapbooks, picture frames, mugs, t-shirts, tumblers, DIY birthday cards, etc. These are memorable things that would not make them forget about your kindness.
  • Thank You Letter or Notes: Some appreciation can be expressed by writing it in a piece of special paper. It is easy and not expensive at all.
  • A Poem is an art which is one of the many ways to express one’s emotion and you could express your gratitude by making one.
  • A Treat for Lunch or Dinner: You could invite the person for a treat or two in order to show your appreciation of what they have done for you lately.
  • Make enough time for the people who have made you feel special to show or express your gratitude towards them. Let them know that you are greatly thankful for having them in your life.
  • Bake some pastries like birthday cake with creative designs and/or cookies. You could do this when you both have free time and who knows, he or she might have the same passion as yours.
  • Cook them their favorite meal either for breakfast, lunch or for dinner. I am certain that eating is what all of you you want to do.
  • Take Time To Listen. Listen carefully to what they are telling you to let them know that you are interested with what they have to say.
  • Be a Friend. Let the people know that they can always count on you, just as how you can count on them. And that they can always approach you whenever they want to.
  • Offer Help when they need a hand. Remember that they were there when you have had a hard time deal in your life. Let them know that you are always open to them whenever they encounter difficulties in life.
  • Create a Music Video or a Picture Slideshow. You could make a video or a slideshow of the person’s photos with his or her favorite song that you could use as the background music.
  • Repay Their Generosity not with money but by returning the favor. Although, there are times that the person would refuse your offer to repay their kindness, it is up to you if you will do something in returning the favor.
  • The Use of Social Media. Since our generation has been introduced to advance technologies nowadays, you could post about the greatness or kindness of the person online.

These are just few ways of showing your appreciation to the people who value you most and for their kindness towards you. Though, sometimes you cannot repay their kindness, a simple thank you card or note will do to let them know that you appreciate what they did for you. Plus, this could also brighten up their day.

Simple Thank You Card

Chalkboard Thank You Card

Black and White Thank You Card

Designing Your Thank You Card

Your thank you cards can be designed in any way you want. You may use different sizes, styles, and fonts. You could also add up the design by using different badges and labels, overlaying the hand lettering to the photos you have in your thank you card. You could also use calligraphic fonts just like the ones written with a chalkboard font style, these kinds of fonts will make it look elegant. You can design your cards in however you prefer it to be. Decide how it will look like and how you will create it with simple resources that you have. Refer to the further examples of Thank You cards below to have more ideas on how you will create and design yours.

Multi Size Card Set Mock Ups

Hand Lettering – Thank You

Thank You Badges and Labels

Thank You Printable Tags

Floral Wreaths Ribbons Pastel

Ampersands and Catchwords

Chalkboard Thank You Clip-Art

Birthday and Greeting Overlays

5 x 7 Thank You Card Template

Here are few tips in designing your Thank You card:

  • Choose your prefer size of your Thank You card and gather ideas on how you will do the lay out of your designs. In choosing the card size, make sure that all your designs can fit it even after resizing them.
  • Make use of the different shapes and thank you clip-arts to organize the designs you have for your card.  You could also apply the overlaying of some designs such as the ones used for borders.
  • Make a draft before finalizing your message for your addressee to make it easier for you to know how much space you need to allocate and where you could place it in the card.
  • If you are planning on putting some pictures or images, you could start by locating them first in card before adding some designs. You could also use either plain or black and white designs for the photo backgrounds.
  • After pasting these photos to where it should be, you can now begin designing and putting some badges or labels to the space allocated for them.
  • Make sure that you utilize the space accordingly and appropriately. It is better to keep your card simple but elegant. Too much design is not necessary for as long as you include the necessary details.
  • You could make use of different font styles, either calligraphic font style or hand lettering of some words. You could also use of ampersands and catchwords provided for you above.
  • You could add some floral patterns or wreaths ribbons pastel which varies in different colors if your addressee is a girl. This could add up colors to your cards
  • Choose appropriate colors, preferably the ones that suits the personality of your addressee or his/her favorite color combination/s.

Reception Thank You Card

Photography Thank You Card Template

Thank You cards are also given during weddings and/or wedding anniversaries as to extend the gratitude and appreciation of newly wed couples to the people who have supported and attended one of the most memorable events in both of their lives. These Thank You cards are also used as one of the remembrance of each and every people who have been part of the couples life. Further photos or images below are the different wedding thank you cards that you could refer to. These varies on different styles and sizes. Browse and purchase them for a reasonable price.

Wedding Thank You Card Template PSD

Wedding Thank You Card

Elegant Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding Thank You Card Template

Appreciation can also be expressed by sending Corporate Thank You Cards written using corporate fonts to the business men, women, and everyone else who attended a business meeting, seminar or conference. This is a way of expressing the gratitude of the organizers and heads to the corresponding guest speakers and to those who have made time to participate and cooperate in the said event.

Corporate Thank You Card Template

Future Deco Thank You Card

Saying thank you is not just because you have receive something good, in which you have benefited and you have enjoyed. There are different circumstances which you could also appreciate. You should also thank people even if they have had given you a hard time, after all, the different situations they have put you through have made you stronger. And you would not be who you are right now without these different kinds of people.

Thank You Photoshop Overlays Vectors

Thank You Card with Envelope

Bridal Shower Thank You Card

You could place your Thank You card in an envelope where your card perfectly fits. This is in order to make it even more formal and to keep it safe from getting dirty, wet and getting torn into half or even into pieces. What are you waiting for? Purchase these printable Thank You cards and design your own.

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