Got anyone in the family or in your circle of friends about to celebrate a birthday? Ran out of ideas for quick, easy DIY presents? We all get the struggle. The pressure of having to “top” last year’s and/or everyone else’s surprise party, breakfast in bed, spa day, or . . . mariachi band mini concert or something is always there, hanging above our heads.

But of course, nothing quite tops a sincere, heartfelt message; and what better way to package such a message than in one of these creative Birthday Cake Designs? Here in our collection, we offer a variety of designs and in the PSD and Vector EPS formatsperfect for download and customization!

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Simple Birthday Cake Design

Chocolate Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cup Cake Design

3D Birthday Cake Design


In Happy Tiers

Perhaps the most logical thing in the world is the reason behind cake being a staple in birthdays: Cake makes people happy, and birthdays should not be unhappy. Therefore, cake makes for a happy birthday. (Point 1 for logic!) And with these editable, downloadable birthday cake designs (and maybe with a few more ideas and some more inspiration from these Birthday Party Designs), you can certainly make someone happy.

You can choose any one of the following designs available:

  • Multi-Tiered

The notion “Less is more” does not apply here. Besides, who doesn’t find themselves with a Cheshire cat–like grin upon seeing a perfectly baked and iced cake towering high with several layers? Surprise your friend or cousin with a personal message and a little something like “Simple Birthday Cake Design.”

  • Ganache Panache

Another thing that makes any human being smile like a loon (or cry from the sheer beauty of it even) is well-tempered ganache. Check out “Chocolate Birthday Cake Design,” and I dare you to contest this fact.

  • Color Me Happy

Of course, who doesn’t love generous splashes of color? For your sister with a tender, unicorn heart, short and sweet sentiments plus “Free Birthday Cake Design” will make her sob happy rainbow-colored tears.

Cartoon Birthday Cake Design

Free Birthday Cake Design


Decorative Birthday Cake Design

Unique Birthday Cake Design

No-bake Cake for Everyone’s Sake

Now we know how much more creative you can be with these creative birthday cake designs, so of course, there’s not just a sole purpose for them. You can have fun with these in many different ways!

  • Birthday card template

As expected and as we suggested early on, you can use these designs as sort of card templates. You can do as the millennials do with a Facebook post on that special person’s timeline or send it in via e-mail. You can even do it the old-fashioned way: download (save for this part), print (this one too), write down your well wishes and good thoughts, put it in an envelope, and hand it over.

  • Birthday invitation template

For this part, same steps as in the previous bullet apply; but instead of a birthday message, write or type in the birthday party particulars—who’s celebrating, what the event is, where it’s to be held, what time, etc. But if you want something else, these Birthday Party Invitations are good too!

  • Cake design inspiration

If you’re thinking about actually baking the real thing or if you figured you’d maybe wanna get into it someday, it’d be good to have these at the ready for design inspirations. I mean, you wouldn’t want a migraine from having to think of a design on the fly, right?


Okay, enough chatter for now. I’ll just leave you to download.

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