Think of a cloud. What comes to mind? A gloomy day, or an inspiring one? A chance of rain, or a chance to contemplate? A thought bubble, or something hiding a silver lining?

With the myriad ideas this simple shape can evoke, no wonder clouds are a common clipart choice. Here are some cute and inspiring cloud cliparts you can use for a variety of purposes: from inserting into PowerPoint presentation slides to adding a touch of color to an “I’m thinking of you” e-mail.

Try combining these images with some cute ‘n’ cheery Sun Cliparts for a warmer shade.

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Cloud Outline Clipart


Rain Cloud Clipart


Black and White Cloud Clipart


White Cloud Clipart


It doesn’t stop with images. How about inserting text into the belly of a cloud? This could make for a well-placed element on a custom-made greeting card (which you can stitch together on your favorite graphic art computer program as MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop, etc.).

Along with other sky-dwelling images, such as the sun or stars, why not try including more diverse images as those found in Pencil Cliparts? This could inspire more creative thought in instances where you are asking people to brainstorm for creative ideas. You can even use these personally to set the mood for a journaling session or, for the spiritual and free-spirited, to write about their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Of course, these can work just as well on their own, as there is nothing like the clean, simple outline of a cloud outline that jump-starts the creative, contemplative, thoughtful dreamer and planner in all of us.

This works for the simple reason that lying back in the grass to look u

Cloud Vector Clipart


Cloud Silhouette Clipart


Vintage Cloud Clipart


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Stars Clipart

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