The sudden demise of the dinosaurs is probably one of the greatest mysteries of the planet. What really happened to these species that once ruled the earth? There have been a lot of theories about why they disappeared off the face of the earth some 65 million years ago.

The topmost theory today is that a huge asteroid hit the earth and the impact created a cloudy debris that blocked the sun. This dust cloud blocked out the rays coming from the sun for months then years, resulting in the death of plant life.

If you are fascinated by these colossal giants, why don’t you download these hassle-free coloring pages of our favorite lumbering reptiles? Scroll down and choose one or choose them all!

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Realistic Dinosaur Coloring Page


Baby Dinosaur Coloring Page


Flying Dinosaur Coloring Page


Dinosaur Bones Coloring Page


Simple Dinosaur Coloring Page


Check Out Our Cool Dinosaur Coloring Pages

  • Check out our Realistic Dinosaur Coloring Page featuring a two-legged dinosaur with a long curving neck and spindly hands. You can download this page immediately.
  • Some dinosaurs may have had a bad reputation as they were lethal predators. Large strong jaws, sharp teeth, and claws were a deadly combination for any prey. But the Baby Dinosaur Coloring Page  here is a sure sign of being happily surprised. Check out that widened eyes and gaping mouth. This is the look that any mother could love.
  • Pterodactyls! They were a menacing sight in the sky during their time. You could use this Flying Dinosaur Coloring Page to take a look at these now-extinct flyers.  Be ready with your coloring pen or marker after you have downloaded this image and start working on the outline of those flappers.
  • This oddly drawn Tyrannosaurus rex in our Printable Dinosaur Coloring Page is funny to look at. Look at the way the arms have been exaggerated to make it more laughable. Download this now if you want a different beat to your coloring activity.
  • Coloring is not just an activity for the kids, anymore. Studies have shown that it has a great effect on your intellectual, mental and emotional health. ThisDinosaur Bones Coloring Page is a great example of that. Notice how the outlines of the skull were carefully crafted. Download this image now and start coloring light to heavy on those external bones.
  • This Simple Dinosaur Coloring Page is not just the traditional depiction of a dinosaur. Remember that scene from the movie “The Land Before Time,” yup, that’s right! Who didn’t cry a river when Little Foot’s mother died right in front of him?

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Cartoon Dinosaur Coloring Page


Dinosaur Coloring Page for Preschoolers


Dinosaur Egg Coloring Page


Dinosaur Outline Coloring Page


Small Dinosaur Coloring Page


How Are These Coloring Pages User-Friendly

  • They can easily be accessed via the download option
  • They are all editable
  • They can be printed in any type of paper

Our Tips After You Have Downloaded These Pages

After you have transferred these images that have appealed to you, color them by:

  • Selecting the proper coloring materials, e.g. colored pencils, colored pens
  • Find the best surface to color on
  • Decide on the colors that you will be using
  • Start coloring at the best places

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