You could be a graphic designer or illustrator working on a design project or some illustrations that require the incorporation of eagles. Or you could be a student needing a few eagle images to finish off a report on, well, eagles. Or you could also be a parent, teacher, or guardian, who wants to use eagle illustrations to educate your young charges.

Whatever the case may be, with this collection of 9+ beautiful eagle clip arts, you have the perfect solution! (Add in these Butterfly Clip Arts as well because why not?) These eagle clip arts are available in PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS, SVG, WMF, etc. formats. So stay awhile and see which ones can help your projects take off and soar!

Eagle Black and White Clip Art

Eagle Black and White Clipart


Eagle Head Clip Art

Eagle Head Clipart


Flying Eagle Clip Art

Flying Eagle Clipart


Bald Eagle Clip Art

Bald Eagle Clipart


Eagle Clip Arts 5 Ways

It’s evident in this collection of eagle clip arts that we have curated a wide range of designs just for you. We have grouped the eagle images into five different categories, so there is no doubt that you will find the perfect one for you. (However, if amphibians were more your thing, check out these Frog Clip Arts instead.)

  • Black and White – “Eagle Black and White Clip Art” and “Bald Eagle Clip Art” are both black and white outlines, the former using bolder lines than the latter. “Eagle Silhouette Clip Art,” however, is the more “filled-in” sort. And don’t you think that it looks like a pseudo bat signal…except it’s an eagle?
  • Awesome Cartoons – For this category, you get “Eagle Head Clip Art,” which looks like it could be a logo for some sports team. Then there’s “Flying Eagle Clip Art,” which has a brilliant gradient effect that could fool anyone into thinking that it’s of a realistic style.
  • Surprising Color Choice – If you haven’t seen a blushing eagle, you haven’t seen “Free Eagle Clip Art.”
  • Quirky Spin – “Funny Eagle Clip Art” shows the majestic bird but with a more human-like expression and posture while “Cute Eagle Clip Art” displays the best of the layering technique. Then there’s “Eagle Cartoon Clip Art.”
  • Almost as Good as the Real Thing – The textures in “American Eagle Vector Clip Art” give the eagle illustration a more realistic appearance.

Funny Eagle Clip Art

Funny Eagle Clipart


American Eagle Vector Clip Art

American Eagle Vector Clipart


Cute Eagle Clip Art

Cute Eagle Clipart


Eagle Silhouette Clip Art

Eagle Silhouette Clip Art


Eagle Clip Art How-To’s

By now, I’d like to think that you’ve already seen what this collection of eagle clip arts can offer you. (If you’re looking for something on the more colorful side, ooh, look! Flower Clip Arts!) So let’s get into what these eagle images can do for you. You can definitely use these eagle illustrations as follows:

  • Editable Eagle Vectors – If you’re one of the busy illustrator types and have a lot on your plate already, you don’t always have the time to create every single element from scratch. That said, it would be nice to have a few editable and scalable eagle vectors just for the occasion. This way, you can save up on time and energy.
  • Instant Coloring Page – Make a fun little DIY coloring book for your class or mini-me’s with printouts of “Eagle Black and White Clip Art” and “Bald Eagle Clipart.” After that, bring out the crayons, pastels, and whatnot; and you can all set phasers to coloring fun!
  • Drawing Practice, Illustration Style Inspiration – Use any one of these eagle clip arts to practice your drawing skills and/or to improve your style.

Download before you go! You won’t regret it for sure!

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