If you’re anything like me, then perhaps you’ve also developed a soft spot in the chest area for this adorable and majestic aquatic creature ever since the movie Flipper. You’ve promised yourself to one day travel the world and visit all the places where you can spend some time splashing about with this mammalian inhabitant of the sea. Even in your spare time, you look up the perfect dolphin photos and dolphin printables to litter your scrapbooks and notebooks and living space with them.

Well, you can hold off on that search party for now as we give you this collection of 8+ beautiful dolphin clip arts! These Free Clip Art Images of dolphins are available in GIF, PNG, SVG, PDF, etc. formats. So stay awhile and splash around in this pool for a bit!

Dolphin Black and White Clip Art


Jumping Dolphin Clip Art


Dolphins Silhouettes Clip Art

Dolphin Clip Arts in Various Forms

As you can see—as clear as the crystalline waters in the Carribean—here in this collection of dolphin clip arts, these are not just a handful of Cartoon Clip Arts of the aquatic mammal in question. These dolphin illustrations come in so many different designs, shades and tones of blues and grays, and all that good stuff.

  • Simple Outline

“Dolphin Black and White Clip Art”, evident in the image itself, is just as the category label says: a simple outline. The beauty of its utter simplicity is that there’s nothing to mask or take away from the dolphin’s form.

  • In Motion

“Jumping Dolphin Clip Art” and “Baby Dolphin Clip Art” both showcase the delightful aquatic mammal mid-jump, the former being a still and the latter being more of like two illustrations in a flip animation series.

  • DeTAILed

As for “Bottlenose Dolphin Clip Art,” “Cartoon Dolphin Clip Art,” and “Free Dolphin Clip Art,” they certainly got the colors and the anatomical features down.

  • Minimalist

With “Dolphins Silhouettes Clip Art” and “Dolphin Border Clip Art,” you get the dolphin but in several different solid colors—no texture, no detail (kind of like a silhouette).

  • Two Toned

“Blue Dolphin Clip Art” applies the elements of light and shade but with varying tones of blue.

Blue Dolphin Clip Art


Dolphin Border Clip Art


Free Dolphin Clip Art


Baby Dolphin Clip Art


Dolphin Clip Art How-To’s

By a simple skimming of the contents in this portion, you can probably already tell what it’s all about. Yes, that is correct; these dolphin clip arts can be used a number of different ways.

  • Instant Coloring Page

You need only download “Dolphin Black and White Clip Art,” apply your desired page and layout settings, print it out, and bring out your crayons!

  • Dolphin Cutouts

Any one of these dolphin illustrations can actually be used as your personal crafty cutouts, which you can then use for scrapbooking and a whole slew of other recreational crafts activities. But I suggest you go for “Bottlenose Dolphin Clip Art” and “Cartoon Dolphin Clip Art.”

  • Logo Design Inspiration

If you’re working on a logo design for someone who’s building an ocean-themed amusement park (or something similar), you can draw inspiration from any of the designs featured here. You can even start off with “Jumping Dolphin Clip Art” and “Blue Dolphin Clip Art”—they are SVGs, so you can adjust and edit accordingly.

  • Ready-made Sticker Set

Picture “Dolphins Silhouettes Clip Art” on some sticker paper. Genius, I know.

  • DIY Stationery Set

With “Dolphin Border Clip Art” and even a few of these Free Clip Art Borders, you have yourself some snazzy paper to write those swimming thoughts on.


List of options and suggestions down and a few downloads to go. I’ll leave you to it.

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