Two weeks before the beginning of a new academic year, we experience a whole slew of emotions, primarily those in the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Most don’t really make it all the way to the last one, however. But of course, like they say in show business, “The show must go all over the place.” (Doesn’t sound too right, but I’ll run with it.)

But of course, like they say in show business, “The show must go all over the place.” (Doesn’t sound too right, but I’ll run with it.)

With this collection of the best back to school clip arts, you just might get excited to walk those familiar hallowed halls again! Just like these Free Clipart Images, these back to school clip arts have a wide variety of designs and formatsJPG, PNG, GIF, EPS, and SVG.

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Back to School Banners Clipart


Downloadable Back to School Clipart


Back to School Chalkboard Clipart


Different Courses for Different Students

While it is true that each classroom, each school in general looks very one note—same layout, same facilities, same equipment and materials—as they all serve the same noble purpose of imparting lessons to and molding of individuals, that doesn’t mean that these back to school clip arts are just as seemingly monotonous. As you scroll up and down to pore over the different back to school images we have, you’ll see that there is some variety.

  • As plain as “Back to School”

Nothing says, “Back to school” like the whole phrase itself. You get that in any of the following: “Back to School Banners Clipart,” “Downloadable Back to School Clipart,” “Back to School Chalkboard Clipart,” and (my personal favorite) “Back to School Cartoon Clipart.”

  • Famous props

In this collection, you have “Back to School Bag Clipart” and “Back to School Vector Clipart,” a couple of the several constants in any educational institution. (Here are some more Book Cliparts for good measure.)

  • Cartoon fun

And if those are not enough to get you even a smidge excited, check out your favorite Disney characters getting scholarly in “Disney Back to School Clipart” and “Mickey Mouse Back to School Clipart.”

Back to School Dance Clipart


Disney Back to School Clipart


Back to School Vector Clipart


Welcome Back to School Clipart


Outside the Four Walls

Just when you think that these back to school Cartoon Cliparts couldn’t get any better, they do. You can absolutely use these back to school images in a number of ways!

  • School projects

For the ultimate school project of welcoming everyone—freshmen to seniors, returning students, student transfers, etc.—you can use any or a combination of the back to school clip arts you see here. Perhaps use them on some brochures or leaflets (containing pertinent info and stuff like what to look forward to in the academic year) to give to the student body.

  • “Welcome back!” banners

Lucky for you, there is a gem in this collection such as the “Back to School Banners Clipart.” Even luckier, it offers an EPS format, which means that you can customize and resize this back to school vector without having to worry about the image quality becoming crappy.

  • DIY mementos

For the heck of it, why not produce a bunch of other giveaways as well? Picture “Welcome Back to School Clipart” in the form of stickers and pins. Who’d want to turn down free stuff, right?


So there you have it! Back to school clip arts to start your year off right. Don’t forget to check out the links and download!

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