If you’re working on homework or a school paperlet’s just say it’s an essay on bees and their significance in the ecosystemchances are, you ought to include a picture or two of the critter in question. And what good does a boring black-and-white, realistic one do for your already monotonous paper? Lucky for you, we have the antidote you just might need!

Our collection of cute bee clip arts (and maybe a few of these Butterfly Clip Arts as well) are sure to give your school papers the perfect little pops of color. They come in a variety of art styles and formatsPNG, JPG, and EPS, to name a fewand they are absolutely ready for you to download!

Buzzing Bee Clip Art

Buzzing Bee Clipart


Flying Bee Clip Art

Flying Bee Clipart


Beehive Clip Art

Beehive Clipart


Honey Bee Clip Art

Honey Bee Clipart


The Bee (Clip Art) Hive

Most of us aren’t aware of the numerous little factoids and bits of trivia about these tiny creatures. However, I’m confident that we at least have the ultimate need-to-know part down: “bees pollinate a third of everything we eat” (The Guardian). Another of those little factoids is that there are several types of bees in one colony alone—never mind the few other families and species. And just like how there are different types of bees, as you can see in our collection, there are also different types of bee Cartoon Clip Arts.

  • Black and White

Something as important as a paper you have to turn in at school would necessitate a (near) realistic picture of the subject, and you definitely have that in “Vintage Bee Clip Art.” If you prefer something a little more rounded, the “Black and White Bee Clip Art” will do.

  • Cutesy and Funny

A bit more on the fun side, you should see the likes of “Flying Bee Clip Art” and “Animated Bee Clip Art.” If you like to crack a funny—or punny—one, something like “Honey Bee Clip Art” or “Cartoon Bee Clip Art” should do the trick.

  • A Whole Colony

If you want something that stays true to the bee culture—the bee way, as some may call it—you might like “Beehive Clip Art.”

Cartoon Bee Clip Art

Cartoon Bee Clipart


Bee Border Clip Art

Bee Border Clipart


Bee Line Clip Art

Bee Line Clipart


Vintage Bee Clip Art

Vintage Bee Clip Art


A-Buzz with Purpose

While these cute bee clip arts make for incredible additions to your school project, school paper, or presentation, there’s actually a lot more use for them. As proof of just how versatile these bee clip arts can be, here are some notable suggestions:

  • DIY Stationery

Sure, the kind that you can buy at your local crafts store or elsewhere isn’t given an absurd tag, but wouldn’t it be fun to have one in a snap (or rather, with a few clicks of the mouse)? Just download “Bee Border Clip Art,” print it out, and voila! Insta-stationery.

  • Scrapbooking Material, Decor

Because you can never have too many cutouts and crafts stuff to use later, go ahead and download any of these bee clip arts! Just picture “Bee Line Clip Art” lining the bottom of a page with a collage of your mini-mes. (Pro tip: stick some sticker paper in your printer, and you got yourself some amazzzing stickers!)

  • Coloring Page

Some Crayolas and a printout of the “Black and White Bee Clip Art” will keep your little one/s occupied while you take care of a few errands. (Teachers, maybe these Free Clip Arts for Teachers are more your speed.)


Okay, I’m gonna shut it for now so that you can download in peace.

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