Babies are the cutest thing in the world, don’t you agree? Do you cringe at seeing those tiny human parts? Those chubby chunk legs, arms, and those cheeks. What makes a better subject than babies right? This article is about to hit you with cuteness overload.

On the list, we have babies drawn realistically, cartoon type and animals. Don’t forget to download these Pencil Drawings and collect them to your thumbnail before you exit. These items come in JPG format download, it is recognizable to all platforms so, downloading and saving it wouldn’t be a hassle.

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Hand-Drawn Baby Drawing

Beautiful Baby Girl Drawing


Baby Tiger Sleeping Drawing


Colorful Baby Drawing


Memory Bank

Every parent would know the importance of documenting their children’s growing stage. Babies grow up so fast, which is why taking photos or having a baby sketch is one of the common ways to to document; for memory keepsakes.

A Dose of Cuteness

In the case of art, if you are one of those who loves collecting sketches particularly the cute kind (such as that of a baby, be it our kind, cartoon or animals) then this list of Cute Drawings will hand you your most sought after entertainment. Here’s an outlook as to what the list is comprised of:

  • Baby animals are so mesmerizing to look at and observe, especially baby animals which you’ll see in Baby Tiger Sleeping Drawing, and Two Baby Owls on Tree Drawing.
  • Cartoons are such beloved visuals. And baby cartoon characters for that matter never fail to deliver that irresistible charm, see Hand-Drawn Baby Drawing, Baby Princess Drawing, Baby Cartoon Drawing, Water Baby on Fish Drawing, and Colorful Baby Drawing.
  • Baby portrait sketch is one of the most difficult things to do because babies can’t stay still, which is why in most cases, pencil sketch artists would just have a copy of the picture and recreate them by sketching. Get a dose of that with Beautiful Baby Girl Drawing, Baby Boy Drawing, Beautiful Twin Babies Drawing, and Newborn Baby Drawing.

Baby Boy Drawing

Baby Princess Drawing


Beautiful Twin Babies Drawing


New Born Baby Drawing


Two Baby Owls on Tree Drawing

Baby Steps

Despite the stressful adjustment when taking care of a child, this is the most intimate time for a parent-child bonding and establishing a close relationship. This is undeniably the most-remembered, for when they get a bit older they would become more and more distant. This is why establishing strong family ties should start at an early stage, and one way to remind us of that is through visual documentation.

The Benefits You Acquire

  • Child portrait sketches are just irresistibly worth seeing and kept. It brings so much memory from our missed childhood, and it has this fun vibe to it which is pretty much a good way to alter a creeping negative vibe.
  • If you are considering to learn how to draw, browsing or looking through visual resources such as what we have on this list, will give you an idea of how you can go about your own. 
  • What we have on the list are, which means all you need to do it click or tap “Download”, and you should be able to save a copy which you can use as a future reference.

So, do you have a personal favorite from this list? Collect or select any of these pieces and save it on your file. And while you’re on it, continue the amazement by checking our amazing list of 3D Pencil Drawings.

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