When springtime comes along, so do life and rebirth. It is evident in the different trees and flowers coming back to life with fresher, more vibrant color. It is evident in the animals coming out of hibernation with vigor and an extra “spring” in their step. It truly is no wonder that it is in such a time when Easter, a season reminding all of life and hope having triumph over death, is celebrated.

And celebrate, you shall with this collection of pretty Easter clip arts! These Free Clipart Images offer several different styles and designs and are available for download in PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. formats. Scroll down to check them out!

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Happy Easter Clip Art


Easter Bunny Clip Art


Religious Easter Clip Art


Easter Basket Clip Art


Not Just about the Easter Eggs

While the celebration of Easter has taken on a more commercialized direction all over the world, its essence of celebrating the glory of hope and life trumping the blow of death has, thankfully, not yet been lost. In fact, you can even see this whole theme of celebrating life in this collection of pretty Easter clip arts.

  • Modern Easter myths

The most notable Easter myth has to be that of the Easter bunny. You can catch the critter in question in “Easter Bunny Clip Art” and its chocolate hybrid in “Easter Basket Clip Art,” the latter being the perfect mashup of Food Clipart and Cartoon Cliparts.

  • Religious origin

For Christians, this celebration of life trumping death is much more specific (and meaningful, if I do say so myself) as it is in the context of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The clever Scrabble-like pattern in “Religious Easter Clip Art” also produces a beautiful picture of the cross, the sign of Jesus’s ultimate, unconditional love.

  • Easter myth debunked

For you parents having a hard time trying to break the news of the Easter bunny to your little one (we all know how the Santa Claus talk went), show them “Easter Candy Clip Art,” and you have your opener!

Easter Flowers Clip Art


Easter Border Clip Art


Easter Animated Clip Art


Easter Cartoon Clip Art


Easter Candy Clip Art


More Than Meets the Clip Art

While this collection of pretty Easter clip arts may seem like nothing more than a bunch of cool Easter cartoons, they are actually more than that. Strap on your creativity boots, and check out these suggestions:

  • School projects and reports

If you have to give a report on Easter traditions all over the world, wouldn’t it be nice to have the “Free Easter Clip Art” as a starter slide on your PowerPoint presentation? Including a pretty little number like the “Easter Flowers Clip Art” in the written report couldn’t hurt either.

  • Ready-made greeting card art

Greet your friends or (why stop there?) everyone on Facebook a Happy Easter with “Happy Easter Clip Art.” Sharing your mirth with the world can’t be a bad thing. After all, happiness begets happiness. Besides, you get a better deal out of this one since you don’t have to go to the store to pick it up.

  • DIY stationery

If you like hoarding specialty paper and stationery sets like I do, well, you can add “Easter Border Clip Art” and these Free Clip Art Borders to your collection!


So you have your options and a few suggestions. All that’s left for you to do is to download!

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