Are you in desperate need of a selection of food clip arts for, say, a health class or home economics project? Do you need good-quality food vectors stat because your proposed interactive landing page for Papa John’s Burgers is due in a couple of weeks and you have no time to make ones from scratch? Say no more, my little feather-rustled friend!

Our collection of food clip arts is here to rescue you! You won’t need to worry about redundancy either since these Free Clipart Images come in a variety of designs, and they’re available for download in PNG, GIF, JPG, SVG, etc. formats. Scroll down and peruse away!

Food Dessert Clip Art

Food Dessert Clipart


Fast Food Menu Clip Art

Fast Food Menu Clipart


Chicken Burger Food Clip Art

Chicken Burger Food Clipart


Holiday Food Clip Art

Holiday Food Clipart


Funny Pancakes Food Clip Art

Funny Pancakes Food Clipart


As Full as the Buffet Table

Like the plethora of delicacies you typically see in buffets, this collection of Food Clip Arts also has a wide assortment of “food.” This said assortment ranges from the art styles and designs (of course) to the different courses, kinds and cuisines.

  • Bold cartoons

I think it is safe to say that the bold outlines and colors that are very much telling of the cartoon style are just something you can’t go wrong with. Everybody loves a good cartoon, right? As a testament to that, check out “Chicken Burger Food Clipart,” “Coconut Food Clipart,” “Baby French Fries Food Clipart,” and “Chocolate Cookies Food Clipart.”

  • 3D awesomeness

While flat icons are all good, there’s no harm in upping the stakes a smidge and going for three-dimensional, right? Take for example “Fast Food Menu Clipart,” “Cheese Platter Food Clipart,” and “Chocolate Waffle Food Meals Clipart.”

  • Watercolor lovin’

Watercolor and brush pens have become quite a hit in the past year, and when you get something like “Watercolor Sweets Clipart,” it is easy to see why. Aside from the fact that it features delectable pastries and baked goods, the quality itself is truly nothing short of amazing.

Coconut Food Clip Art

Coconut Food Clipart


Cheese Platter Food Clip Art

Cheese Platter Food Clipart


Japanese Food & Sushi Clip Art

Japanese Food & Sushi Clipart

Chocolate Waffle Food Meals Clip Art

Choclate Waffle Food Meals Clipart


Baby French Fries Food Clip Art

Baby French Fries Food Clipart


Chocolate Cookies Food Clip Art

Choclate Cookies Food Clipart


Summer Food Salad Clip Art

Summer Food Salad Clipart


Food Clip Art Fun

Just when you think our featured selection of food vectors doesn’t get any cooler, here are a few suggestions on how you can make the most out of them:

  • School projects and reports

Perhaps you have to give a report and present to your teacher and classmates the different food groups. This collection alone already has you covered, from the greens in “Summer Food Salad Clipart” to the sweets in “Food Dessert Clipart.” Just for kicks (and extra credit), add a throwaway segment also on how different cuisines treat carbs and protein, like the Japanese in “Japanese Food & Sushi Clipart.”

  • Menu and/or menu board design mock-up

Creating a mock-up can take up so much time, especially if you wanna produce stellar-quality images and if you wanna be hands-on with everything. Not only will these food vectors save you time, but they will also save your sanity and reputation.

  • Art style inspiration

Because we’re all for self-improvement, we recommend you study these food clip arts as well and learn whatever you can technique- and style-wise from the things you’ve noted.


Now that this little spiel’s over, you can get right to downloading! You can also check out these Free Clip Art Borders for more of your decorative needs.

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