Whether your teacher or client or boss called for a homework assignment, a project, or a report on the lagomorph in question, at some point in our lives, we are gonna need to get our hands on bunny clip arts. These are perfect as they eliminate the need to draw, to start from scratch; and they can still be edited. Of course, we can’t very well limit those to a bunch of Cartoon Cliparts.

Fortunately for you, you’ve landed on just the right page after some time of hopping between sites. Check out this collection of 9+ beautiful bunny clip arts for your design needs and more! These bunny images are available in PNG, GIF, JPG, SVG, PDF, Vector EPS, etc. formats. Stay for a beat and check them out!

Running Bunny Clip Art

Running Bunny Clipart


Free Bunny Clip Art

Free Bunny Clipart


Funny Bunny Clip Art

Funny Bunny Clipart


Buck Tooth Bunny Clip Art

Buck Tooth Bunny Clipart


Spring Bunny Clip Art

Spring Bunny Clipart


Bunny Clip Arts 5 Ways

It is apparent in this collection of bunny clip arts (and I think you’ll agree with me on this one) that the images here are not just a whole slew of bunny cartoons to scoff at. This collection offers an undeniable variety of bunny illustrations—in terms of color selection, art or illustration style, size, format, etc.

  • Sans the Outline

“Running Bunny Clip Art” could very well be included in the next category, but given the smooth finish (most likely because the artist chose to eighty-six the outline), I thought it deserved to be in a separate category on its own.

  • Cute Cartoons

This bears no further explanation, methinks, so I’ll just leave the following here: “Free Bunny Clip Art,” “Funny Bunny Clip Art,” “Buck Tooth Bunny Clip Art,” and “Cartoon Bunny Clip Art.”

  • Up Close and Personal

You can’t get any closer than a “closeup shot” of the furry chubby bunny cheeks. Take a look at “Spring Bunny Clip Art” and “Christmas Bunny Clip Art.” Then you be the judge.

  • Hoppin’ Holidays

These bunnies obviously celebrate holidays in merriment—”Bunny Love Clip Art” for Valentine’s Day and “Beautiful Bunny Clip Art” for Easter.

  • Realistically Unrealistic

Though drawn after a real-life counterpart (no big googly eyes, for one), “Small Bunny Clip Art” still comes off very cartoon-like due to the separation of colors, smooth edges, and distinct outline, to name a few. But it’s still cute!

Bunny Love Clipart

Bunny Love Clipart


Christmas Bunny Clipart

Christmas Bunny Clipart


Beautiful Bunny Clipart

Beautiful Bunny Clipart


Cartoon Bunny Clipart

Cartoon Bunny Clipart


Bunny Clip Art How-To’s

Now that you’ve seen all that this collection of bunny clip arts has to offer, let me tell you about the number of ways you can use these bunny images.

  • All-Around Adornments

Yes, you probably figured this from the get-go. These bunny illustrations can be used to liven up your class presentations and projects, to fill long-unused and forgotten frames and scrapbooks, to jazz up your bulletin or dream board, and what have you.

  • Bunny Face Mask

The good thing about “Spring Bunny Clip Art” coming in an SVG format is that you can blow it up to whatever size you want, and you won’t have to worry about botching the image quality somehow. The same is true for “Christmas Bunny Clip Art.”

  • Ready-made Greeting Card Art

Prepare to greet that special someone a happy Valentine’s Day with “Bunny Love Clip Art.” If you can play around with it and a few of these Free Clip Art Borders, you might produce a really stellar valentine. And why stop there? Use it as an invitation template for a Valentine’s Day party you plan on throwing!


Now that your options and our suggestions are covered, go ahead and check the links out to download!

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